New 100 Dollar Bill Meme (Nicholas Caged)

New 100 Dollar Bill Meme (Nicholas Caged)

new 100 bill cage

Hey has anyone seen the new one hundred dollar bill? Comics and Memes got an exclusive look at the new design!

Optical Illusions 2

Hypnotic Optical Illusions 2

Here are some of my favorite optical illusions with a touch of effects.

Optical Illusion 4 (Candy Colors)

optical illusion 4(candy colors)

Optical Illusion 5 (Diamonds)

optical illusion 5(diamonds)

Optical Illusion 6 (Grey Snakes)

optical illusion 6(grey snakes)

Optical Illusion 7 (Crazy)

optical illusion 7(crazy)

Optical Illusions Page 01
Optical Illusions Page 02
Optical Illusions Page 03
Optical Illusions Page 3D Art
3d street art optical illusions

Girl On Drugs at Walmart

This video was captured at a Wal-Mart in Texas. I unrelated man found this woman high on drugs running through Wal-Mart. It is freaky how obsessed and hyper she is. This video was posted April 22nd and went viral quickly.

Mitch Hedberg Memes (A Graphic Tribute)

Dedicated to the work of Mitch Hedberg.

Mitch Hedberg would highly approve of memes. One line jokes on a picture is something he could do all day. But we can still carry on his brilliant humor and legacy buying sharing his work. So here I have created a list of self made and popular memes paying tribute to Mitch Hedberg’s jokes.

mitch hedberg meme 001 against picketing

mitch hedberg meme 002 pic of me when i was younger

mitch hedberg meme 003 i just know a girl

mitch hedberg meme 004 mac and cheese for adults

mitch hedberg meme 005 donut receipt

The Wolverine (2013 Movie Trailer and Review)

The X-Men movie story line continues in the sequel of Wolvine Origins, The Wolverine.

With mixed reviews from the last Wolverine movie, it is likely filmmakers were a bit cautious in the steps they took to make this movie. It honestly snuck up on me, since I was preparing still for Iron Man 3, and keeping an eye out for a sequel to X-Men First Class.
So far it looks like the appearance of Marvel characters is more logical and appropriate than before. I hope to see Wolive doing what he does best, in a more original story that doesn’t take too much for granted.

Epic Bad Ass Memes

avengers badass transformers badass star wars badass

all epic badass meme