Many comic fans and Disney fans alike are raving over the incredible graphic work of Mike Kuhsor. Known for his real life fantasy work, he has created some more imagery of sexy Disney princesses using models and photoshop. In case you missed our first post, check here:
Real Life Sexy Disney Princess Warriors

But be sure to check out these photos below of this incredible work

Sexy Disney Princess Warrior Pictures

Disney Princess Belle
Disney Princess Cinderella
Disney Princess Frozen Continue reading “REAL LIFE SEXY DISNEY PRINCESSES WARRIOR ART Part 2”

Funny Animated Gifs

Animated Gifs are pretty fun. Making animations of only a few seconds have been a long lasting meme of the internet. Animated Gifs can be used to even create 3D gif images! Here are some of my favorite goofy animated Gifs.
Brent-Rambo  animated gif
hockey animated gif Continue reading “Funny Animated Gifs”

Cool Sun Pic Tricks!

Here’s a gallery of trick photography images using the sun.
cool sun trick pic image 001 cool sun trick pic image 002 Continue reading “Cool Sun Pic Tricks!”

Batman VS Superman Movie Pictures, and A Battlecat

Batman VS Superman movie 2015 001 lex-luthor batman vs superman bald new image 2015Batman VS Superman movie 2015 002 Continue reading “Batman VS Superman Movie Pictures, and A Battlecat”

Marvel’s Secret Wars 2015: Discussion and Theory

So Marvel is getting deeper into the plot and setting of the new cross universe (or more correctly universes) story line Secret Wars. Which, is probably not going to remain very secret since it is slowly destroying every world and all of Marvel existence will be forever changed! But, as of now, we are 2 months away from the beginning of the end, and the new beginning, or something like that. Continue reading “Marvel’s Secret Wars 2015: Discussion and Theory”