Heroes of the Storm: Bruisers

Heroes of the Storm started of with 4 general class roles for heroes, Assassins, Support, Warriors, and Specialists. Over time, those roles have become a little more specific, having sub groups to their class. Support can be healers or sustain, or Warriors can be tanks or bruisers. The interesting thing that makes bruisers a unique subclass of a role, is that Warriors and Assassins can be bruisers, unlike any other subclass.

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Cosplay Girl: Helen Stifler

One of the newest and hottest cosplay girl models today, Helen Stifler shows a range of style and influence. Taking on gaming and pop culture icons, there isn’t much limit to what her beauty and make up can do! She has many featured cosplay outfits, but is very well known for her Jinx costume.
Sexy and brilliant at the same time, she can be seen as Misty (Pokemon), Dva (Overwatch, Heroes Of The Storm), Beetlejuice, just to name a few. She has even made a Taylor Swift look-alike cosplay! Enjoy some of her pictures here. Check her out on Facebook and Patreon for more!

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