Many comic fans and Disney fans alike are raving over the incredible graphic work of Mike Kuhsor. Known for his real life fantasy work, he has created some more imagery of sexy Disney princesses using models and photoshop. In case you missed our first post, check here:
Real Life Sexy Disney Princess Warriors

But be sure to check out these photos below of this incredible work

Sexy Disney Princess Warrior Pictures

Disney Princess Belle
Disney Princess Cinderella
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Cool Sun Pic Tricks!

Here’s a gallery of trick photography images using the sun.
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Batman VS Superman Movie Pictures, and A Battlecat

Batman VS Superman movie 2015 001 lex-luthor batman vs superman bald new image 2015Batman VS Superman movie 2015 002 Continue reading “Batman VS Superman Movie Pictures, and A Battlecat”

3D Illusions: Split Depths Gifs Images

A new awesome trend has started on the internet. People all over the web have taken motion optical illusions to a new level. Comicsandmemes is a huge fan of optical illusions. Just check out our other pages. So here we have started adding some of the best split depths gifs from around the web. Its an amazing 3d image effect added to animated GiFs by simply adding lines and new layers. See the following examples.

Split Depth Gifs 3D pop out effect
Split Depths Gifs pop out effect

Split Depth Gifs Mickey Mouse
Split Depths Gifs Mickey Mouse

Split Depth Gifs Harry Potter
Split Depths Gifs Harry Potter

Split Depth Gifs Frozen
Split Depths Gifs Frozen

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Kevin Spacey in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

This may be old news to some, but I was suprised at the Call Of Duty clip this year at E3 2014. Kevin Spacey popped up in the game trailer, and after checking the web, it is completely true. Check out some of the screen shots.
kevin spacey in call of duty pic 2 kevin spacey in call of duty advanced warfare