Warcraft Movie Gets Release Date, December 18th, 2015

It is official, even though not much is to be seen at this point, the Warcraft movie based of the video game, World of Warcraft will be made. Not only is it in pre-production, but Blizzard along with Legendary Pictures has announced the release date, set for December 28th, 2015.
warcraft movie release date 2015

The Warcraft movie will be directed by Duncan Jones (Source Code), and is written by Charles Leavitt and Chris Metzen. Continue reading “Warcraft Movie Gets Release Date, December 18th, 2015”

Hidden Images – Paintings and Drawings

Optical Illusions: Hidden Images in Art

In an ongoing collection of optical illusions, we decided to show some of the coolest body paintings, drawings, and other art with hidden images.








Logos With Hidden Images

Hidden images aren’t just in paintings and optical illusions. They can also be found in everyday name brands. Such as Kisses, FedEx and others.
Spartan Golf logo hidden image
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Optical Illusions 3D Street Art

Transcending the Canvas, and Reaching the World

3d street art optical illusions
From 3D street art with chalk and painted wall illusions, 3D Optical Illusions is becoming all the new rage. With the help of social media and media sharing websites like reddit.com, it has become easier to share amazing new images all over the world quickly to everyone. And with the rise of talented artists like Julian Beever, Manfred Stader, and more, it is no doubt this art movement will continue to lead a fresh breath of art. Continue reading “Optical Illusions 3D Street Art”

Optical Illusions 2

Hypnotic Optical Illusions 2

Here are some of my favorite optical illusions with a touch of effects.

Optical Illusion 4 (Candy Colors)

optical illusion 4(candy colors)

Optical Illusion 5 (Diamonds)

optical illusion 5(diamonds)

Optical Illusion 6 (Grey Snakes)

optical illusion 6(grey snakes)

Optical Illusion 7 (Crazy)

optical illusion 7(crazy)

Optical Illusions Page 01
Optical Illusions Page 02
Optical Illusions Page 03
Optical Illusions Page 3D Art
3d street art optical illusions