Cosplay Girl: Enji Night

Enji Night mizes one of the cutest faces with a variety of costumes for some great cosplay pictures. Her Supergirl (seen below) is still one of my favorite cosplay images to this day. Surreal beauty in design and features makes her work a must see for any cosplay fans.

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Cosplay Girl: Alexa Poletti

Alexa Poletti is a quickly growing star in the cosplay community. Expanding beyond Cosplay, her style, make up, and costuming has a life of its own. She can be found on YouTube and even her own website.

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Cosplay Girl: Liz Brickley

Liz Brickley is known for her cosplaying skills with sexy and creative costumes mostly from gaming.

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Cosplay Girl: Victoria Hofferson

Victoria is a lovely and creative cosplay model/artist originally from Czech Republic. When she’s not cosplaying with new outfits, Victoria can be found training and riding horses, or working on her amazing graphic arts. She is most impressive with her gamer cosplay.

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10 Great Male Cosplay Costumes

Here is what I believe to be some of the best men’s cosplay as of now. These guys do a great job of creating some of these pop characters’ costumes and look.

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Amazing Cosplays: Kamui’s Nova

This light effect and costume is a great costume play of Nova from StarCraft/Heroes of the Storm.

Cosplay Girl: Helen Stifler

One of the newest and hottest cosplay girl models today, Helen Stifler shows a range of style and influence. Taking on gaming and pop culture icons, there isn’t much limit to what her beauty and make up can do! She has many featured cosplay outfits, but is very well known for her Jinx costume.
Sexy and brilliant at the same time, she can be seen as Misty (Pokemon), Dva (Overwatch, Heroes Of The Storm), Beetlejuice, just to name a few. She has even made a Taylor Swift look-alike cosplay! Enjoy some of her pictures here. Check her out on Facebook and Patreon for more!

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