Best Pet Costume Pictures and Memes

Rather IRL costumes or silly ideas, here is some of our favorite pet costumes pictures and memes found around the web!
Batcat Meme
batman face cat

Cat in the Hat Costume
cat in the hat pet costume

Puppy box pet costume
dog box pet costume meme

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Actual Mitch Hedberg Donut Receipt

An employee for a donut shop created an actual receipt paying tribute to comedian Mitch Hedberg, and posted it on Reddit.
mitch hedberg donut reciept
Mitch Hedberg was known for many one liners, but one joke had carried on way past just his fans. Mitch said he bought a donut and was handed a receipt. “You don’t need to bring paper into this” and “I will file it under D, for donut” was some of the popular lines for the joke. Continue reading “Actual Mitch Hedberg Donut Receipt”

X-Men’s Quicksilver in Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr Commercial

A couple of cross over commercial featuring X-Men from X-Men: Days of Future Past eating hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. food products is making its way around the web.
i can has cheezburger biscuit quicklsilver comic meme
The first two commercials released features Quicksilver and Mystique, eating burgers and biscuit. This is one I would like to know the general comic book fan’s view on. Continue reading “X-Men’s Quicksilver in Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr Commercial”

Best of Hadouken Meme

Our collection of Hadouken Memes from around the web.
best of hadouken meme 1 best of hadouken meme 2
best of hadouken meme 3Taylor Swift VS. Ryu – Hadouken Meme
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Dinosaur Memes

And now, dinosaur memes…
like a boss dinosaur meme
love you this mch dinosaur meme
plastic dinosaur meme
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Pokemon In Real Life

Here’s our collection of life like pokemon found across the web. let us know is you see any other real life like pokemon worth adding to the list. After all, every Pokemon fan want to catch them all.

Life Like Pokemon Pictures & Art

Life Like Ivysaur #002
002 real life like pokemon ivysaur
Life Like Charmander #004
004 real life like pokemon Charmander
Life Like Breedrill #015
015 real life like pokemon breedrill
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Thor 2: The Dark World Memes

Chris Hemsworth returns as Thor in the much anticapated sequel, Thor: The Dark World. So its only right we add a collection of memes and funny pictures related to the movie.
Out in theaters November 8th, 2013. 
Writers: Christopher Yost, Christopher Markus
Starring: Chris Hemsworth. Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Christopher Eccleston, Tom Hiddleston

THOR 2: The Dark World Memes

Thoreal Meme
Kitty Thor Meme
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Best of Miley Cyrus Memes

Our Favorite Collection of Miley Cyrus Memes going around the web.
It is no doubt Miley Cyrus has been changing her image, but they crazy crap she has been doing lately has been just asking to be made fun of. So all over the web an explosion of Miley Cyrus memes have erupted. Here is a few of our favorites.

1. Miley Cyrus Meme – Wrecking Ball /
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