MPQ: Marvel Puzzle Quest-Tips and Notes

Main tips for all players
Always do the deadpool dailies! These can boost your collection quickly, and offers bonuses for players of all ranks. Also, it is the least time consuming activity in the game.
Save all your

Deadpool Daily Guide
The beautiful things about the Deadpool dailies are they offer something for players of every level. Giving one and two star players more ISO-8 and Taco Tokens, and giving a 3 star cover away daily as well. And for the 4 and 5 star players you can get

Healers in Marvel Puzzle Quest
**  Black Widow (9) Blue group heal
**  Wolverine (Passive) Yellow self heal
**  Daken (Passive) Black self heal
***Dr. Strange (Passive) Yellow deals single target damage with group heal
***Kamala Kahn (Passive) Yellow group heal
***Beast (11) Yellow group heal
****Rocket & Groot (Passive)Yellow I am Groot self heal

Covers with same powers
Gambit (***Modern & *****Classic)
Human Torch (**Johnny Storm &***Classic)
Storm (*Modern & ***Mohawk)