New Logan Trailer #2 (2017) Review

0.01 Therese an ongoing theme in this movie of a hopeless depressing future. Cos ya know, deserts, Johnny Cash, and runaways. This sad world starts soon, cause even major companies gave up on creating new logos or packaging as of today.

0.08 Is that Quicksilver? Wait that’s the wrong one! Wait never mind.

0.36 Well I guess we kinda got to see Wolverine in costume in a movie.

0.38 Clip on nails? It’s hard being the best at what you do and keeping up appearances, specially when you’re getting up there. Luckily Wolvie has some clip on nails for those on the go nights. Seriously, is he sliding his claws off?

1.07 Ahhh parenting.

1.38 Wait I thought professor was bald, he was in early youth, late years, and in an alternative future. So did he have a few random hairs pop up in his 70’s? And he just never got them cut because all hope is lost?

2.01 yay more fake ass looking jumps and flips! I guess the more we see gravity and logic free moves the more we believe they exist in this world.

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