Facebook To Start Paying Users For Ad Views

Finally the time is here. After much debate and business planning, Facebook has decided to start paying out to users with high views and likes. They have released an official video explaining how it will all work, see Continue reading “Facebook To Start Paying Users For Ad Views”

Shibe Dog Memes Wow

Here are some of our favorite doge wow shibe memes.

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Family Guy – Is Brian Dead and Gone Permanently?

brian dead of family guy replacedToo many people’s surprise, in the 6th episode of Family Guy, aired Sunday 11-24-2013, they claimed to have killed off the laid back yet critical dog, Bryan. But id this death permanent? Fox and creator of Family Guy (who also does the voice for Brian) both say this is for real. Brian will not be coming back as a main character. However, how far can you trust the writer/creator of Family Guy.

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SHibe Thor Meme WOw DOGE

Made webpage thor wow! Memes of doge shibe head big hero. Thore?
thor shibe wow doge
shibe thor meme wow 2

See More of our Favorite Shibe Doge Wow Memes

Acapella Video Game Songs – The Legend of Smooth McGroove

Recently, a social media friend shared a video of a man with a cat and a beard doing a full vocal only acapella version of the legendary Zelda theme. Although I laughed and had seen the humor in this, I also could not deny the raw talent and skills it took to do this, and decided to search for more of his work.

You can find Smooth McGroove on YouTube and many websites, we just want to help spread the word with a few acapella video game song posts.
Zelda A Link to the Past – Overworld Theme Acapella

Final Fantasy VII – Victory Fanfare Acapella

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Get to know the Super Heroes: Thor

First Appearance: Journey into Mystery #83 (’62)
Race: Asgardian
Powers: Long living, flight ,lighting control, speed, strength
Show: Avengers and Thor

With all the new super hero media on televisions, in theater, and soon on Netflix, we think it would be a good time to do a few post about super heroes featured on screen. We plan on including heroes like Thor, Daredevil, (Green) Arrow, and as many as we can fit in. Continue reading “Get to know the Super Heroes: Thor”