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The most important people of comic books, now and back in the day. Ready, here is the list: Stan Lee. Okay bye.

JK! Now that I have pissed off every other fanboy/girl, here’s the

Most Important People of Comic Books!… List!

Please note this page is an ongoing effort, if you think someone should be on here that isn’t, just let me know.

Frank Miller
He’s old, he’s dark, he’s a legend in the field. Making the Daredevil I fell in love with, and giving Batman that darker feel we now love.

Jim Shooter
Valiant Comics leader and Marvel fill in guy.

Marc Silvestri
Marc Silvestri has had his touch on many comic companies. He did early work on Uncanny X-Men, creating some of the most iconic covers. Silvestri was one of the many artists/writers to leave Marvel to start Image, then left Image to create and run Top Cow Comics. Now he contributes to all three companies.

Mike Richardson
Starter of Dark Horse Comics. Also helped create the The Mask character concept.

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