CUE Guide: Cephalopods (Octopus) Deck

This is one of the most overpowered Decks in the game right now. Also used by some of the bots such as Scooby-Jo. This deck is full of cards from Oceans & Seas. It also uses the mystic card Cthulhu and the ultra-fusion card Tidal Wave. Of course, this can be adjusted for different scenarios and depending on what cards you have.

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New Kids In The Hall Season 6 on Amazon Prime (All Sketches and Info)

Kids In The Hall has returned 27 years later with the original cast (Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch, Scott Thompson, and Mark McKinney) for a 6th season of their beloved sketch comedy show. This new season on Amazon Prime includes 8 episodes with classic and new characters, along with some special cameos.

Episode 1 All sketches:
Brain Candy Yard Sale, Business Men, Kids In The Grave, Nude Robbery, The Last Fax (Featuring the Kathys), Friends of Kids in the Hall 511 (Pete Davidson), Wild Blueberry Pie, 60 Year Old Male Strippers, Business Men 2

Episode 2 All Sketches:
Race Chair, Baby Doctor Drop Rate, The Last Glory Hole, Baby Doctor Drop Rate 2, Imaginary Girlfriend, Friends of Kids in the Hall 372, Zoom Meeting

Episode 3 All Sketches:
Brand New Key, Ambumblance, Brand New Key 2, Shakespeare Alive, Friends of Kids in the Hall 74 (Kenan Thompson), Market Fair, Clown Shoes, Brand New Key 3

Episode 4 All Sketches:
Super Drunk 1, Hotel la Rut, Super Drunk 2, Friends of Kids in the Hall 105 (Will Forte), Antique, Super Drunk 3, The Patrol

Episode 5 All Sketches:
Having a Baby, Couple’s Counseling 1, Cats, Couple’s Counseling 2, Surprise, Couple’s Counseling 3, Friends of Kids in the Hall 311, You Said Do Do

Episode 6 All Sketches:
Business Men, The Baby, Fran and Gordon 1, Friends of Kids in the Hall, Flags of Mark, Fran and Gordon 2, Cops Parade, Bananas, Business Men 2, Fran and Gordon 3

Episode 7 All Sketches:
Taddli 1, Lukewarm, Taddli 2, The Eradicator Returns, Taddli 3,Friends of Kids in the Hall 221, Inga

Episode 8 All Sketches:
I’m Not Crazy, Must Wash Hair, Friends of Kids in the Hall, Much Too Much, My Card, Cliffhanger, Business Men, Buried

Amber Heard Memes

Johnny Depp’s defamation case against Amber Heard is taking all the headlines this month. And this has been one of the craziest trials every publicly seen. They have covered harassing remarks and attacks, poop in the bed, dogs getting stung by bees, drug use (even in the court room)… and we’re not even half way through. Social media and other websites have made some pretty interesting memes on the case. So here are some of the Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp memes from around the web.

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CUE: Cards, The Universe and Everything: Game Guide and Info

CUE Codes | Crafting Recipes | Deck Guide
Card Guide
How To Beat A Science Deck

CUE is an awesome card game with 1000s of cards used to create and 18 card deck to play against other players with. Release on Dec. 3rd 2019 by Avid games, it is one of our top rated new games for 2022.

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Tessa Thompson shows new Valkyrie Outfit

Thor Love and Thunder isn’t far away. The movie is set to be released in theaters July 8th, 2022. Tessa Thompson is already known to be casted again, following up her epic role from Thor Ragnarok as Valkyrie.

recently Twitter accounts started sharing a new selfie of Tessa showing off her new suit for the movie. The Valkyrie costume looks more like an Asgard costume, connecting to where we last saw her in Avengers Endgame.

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Antonio Brown Leaves Game Shirtless Meme

Antonio Brown from the NFL team Tampa Bay Buccaneers made scene mid-game, throwing a fit and taking off his gear and shirt. He has since been fired from the team, not even leaving the game with other players. Looks like we got our first big news meme of 2022. The fit is said to be about not being in enough plays for certain incentive pay, but there was still plenty of games left. Whatever the reason, he left us with some good NFL meme material on his way out.

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