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It is truly a tragedy this week with all hope of rescuing the five billionaires trapped in an unsafe sub at the bottom of the ocean. Why they decided to take such a risk to see the Titanic is uncertain. And even though it is a sad fate, that doesn’t stop the internet from creating some dark humor memes about the OceanGate sub that is lost. Humor helps us deal with the worst situation. So, here are some memes on it. Sorry if anyone is offended, this is just what we do.

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Who is in the Missing Sub Titan that went to see the Titanic?

There’s much in the news about the missing Sub that ventured to see the Titanic. From the Logitech controller used in its design, the $250,000 price for tickets for a submarine that failed, the most alarming fact is its been three days since the sub went missing. But, who all is trapped at the bottom of the ocean with not much hope as the world watches the search parties try to save them? Here are the five passengers trapped in the submarine.

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The Front Page of The Web Sets Fire to The Valley

A Series T-800 Robot in Terminator Genisys.

Two things very important to me as a content writer is all the new AI technology and the caring intelligent community of Reddit. So seeing how AI will affect the website/app, is something worth staying up to date about. However if you were to check the front pages of Reddit, you will see the Moderators (who basically control the content) are fighting against and not agreeing with Reddit’s CEO Steve Huffman’s ideas.

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DC’s Wonder Woman Now Has A Daughter

In the Wonder Woman #800 the milestone comic, Wonder Woman’s daughter is revealed! She now has a daughter, with the super hero name Trinity, whose real name is Elizabeth Marston Prince. Trinity is also in a holy trinity of her own in the future, with Damien Wayne as Batman, and Jonathan Kent as Superman. The Justice league legacy surely lives on through there legitimate biological children.

This comic story takes place in the future when Trinity and the other two heroes are much older, and on a new mission of their own.

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Bryan Cranston on Playing Walter White from Breaking Bad Again.

Will there be more Breaking Bad? Will Walter White be seen again on screen? Bryan Cranston answers that question in a recent interview with AwardsRadar. Saying that he would be silly to say its over, when the fun keeps happening.

On would he return to play Walter White ever again:

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Mother of Columbine Shooting Has A Book and Ted Talk About her Experience

Sue Klebold, mother of the shooter Dylan Klebold in the horrible tragedy that happened at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999, in Columbine, Colorado, has made many efforts to prevent such events from happening again. Her book and talk discusses how to look for signs and actions a parent can take to help stop this American tragedy. See her video and link to her book below.

Besides her Ted Talk, she also has a book called A Mother’s Reckoning, which goes deeply into the issues at hand. Sue has donated many if not all profits from her book to mental illness charities as well.

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A Tragic End For The Punisher

In the last part of the 12 issue run of Punisher written by Jason Arron and art by Jesus Saiz, the aint-hero who doesn’t hold back, wants to make the bad guys pay, and doesn’t think twice to shoot, meets a tragic ending with constant horrible fates. Is The Punisher no more? IT seems he is for now, and things aren’t looking good for him. If and when he does come back, he may have a bit more vengeance and pain in his heart.

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