How Close Is The Wagner Group To Moscow Kremlin?

In a surprising event in affect the Russia Ukraine War, a privatized military group known as the Wagner Group, with leader Yevgeny Prigozhin, has turned against Russia. They claim that Russia had sent missiles that hit many of their soldiers, and want those responsible to pay. The Group has currently entered Rostov-on-Don in Russia, where a Russian military base is, and are preparing to march towards the Russian government, The Kremlin in Moscow.

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Marvel Snap: Angela Deck

The Angela card in Marvel Snap is a very underrated card. Combined with the right deck she can be very powerful. This deck is an example of how Angela can be played to become overpowered. Play cards in her location then move or destroy them, repeat. Nightcrawler and Vision are good examples of Angela combos. Deadpool is a great combo card with Angela as well. Check out this deck and let us know what you think!

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Marvel Snap: Mister Negative Deck

The Mister Negative card in Marvel Snap has a great original ability that flips the game. His ability, “swap the power and cost of the cards in your deck”, make a whole new level of fun when it comes to deck building in Marvel Snap. The key idea in building a deck with Mister Negative is having high cost cards with low power like Ironheart, Arnim Zola, and Iron Man. Psylocke would be a great addition to the deck to have him played quicker, as you really don’t have much play until he is played on turn 4. This is a deck that requires a good draw, but when it works, it really works. This deck also takes advantage of the Black Panther and Arnim Zola combo that reactivates him. Jubilee is a extra chance to play Mister Negative if you haven’t drawn him by turn 4. Enjoy!

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Marvel Snap: Jubilee Deck

The Jubilee card is a great card that makes interesting decks with its ability. She is a 4/1 card that pulls another card from your deck into play. Because of this ability, it is recommended to have high cost cards in your deck when building a Jubilee deck. That way, the chances of her playing a 5 or 6 cost card on turn 4 is greatly increased. Infinaut and Death are great examples of powerful cards that are hard to play, but not if played by using Jubilee!

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Marvel Snap: How To Play The Infinaut Card and Deck Building

How To Play | Card Combos | Deck List

This guide is on The Infinaut card in Marvel Snap. We will cover how to play him, what cards combo well with him, and some of the best deck building ideas with The Infinaut as well. The Infinaut is a key card in meta and an important card to know in Marvel Snap. Good game and good luck!

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Marvel Snap: All Venomized Card Variants

Some of the coolest looking card variants in Marvel Snap are the venomized variants. These cards take some of the popular heroes and villains character cards and gives them a awesome symbiote look to them. Venomized Cosmo, Debrii, and Angel are some of my personal favorite variant cards. Check out all the venomized variants for the game Marvel Snap here.

For other variant themes and styles of character cards check out this page.

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Posts on Instagram About Future of Black Adam in James Gunn’s DCEU

After James Gunn and Peter Safran revealed their plans to complete reboot the DC movie universe (DCEU), many fans were left wondering what that means for the future for current DC actor. So far the most successful attempt at a full movie universe for DC was Zack Snyder’s work on Man of Steel, Batman Vs Superman and The Justice League. However, that part of the franchise seems to be completely over and a whole new beginning for DC movies are near. Only recently Henry Cavill went to Instagram to post he is no longer playing SUperman after meeting with James Gunn. We got a post and memes on that.

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Marvel Snap: Shuri Pile Deck

Another top meta deck for Shuri, the Shuri Pile deck, takes the Shuri Vision deck and combines it with the power of Taskmaster. First discussed by Ben on, this deck makes a mean turn 4, 5, 6 combo by hoping to draw and play Shuri, then Vision or Aero, followed by Task Master. No matter how you play it, Taskmaster doubles up on Shuri’s buff. Combined with the early game power of Lizard and Maximus, this power control type deck really shows the power of Shuri.

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Marvel Snap: Shuri Vision Deck

Shuri is a power card new to Marvel Snap. She is a series 5 card, making her ultra rare for now. So, when someone is lucky enough to get her, they want a good deck. Since Shuri is early in meta, deck building ideas with Shuri are ever changing. But, for now one of the top meta decks for Shuri combines her with a power control deck and with Vision. Playing Shuri then Vision gives much power for Vision to move to the needed location. Combining this with control gives much tactic to the Shuri Vision deck. If you replace Thor and Magneto with Cosmo and Taskmaster, you will get the Shuri Pile deck!

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Marvel Snap: Leader Deck

The Leader card in Marvel Snap has taken the meta by storm this season. The Leader paired with Leech to make a Leech/Leader deck has upset alot of players and some have called for developers to fix it. But, this may just be a clue to how competitive the game may be, and how important the meta is. However, with his own solo deck the Leader shows he can cause damage without the help of Leech. Check out this Leader deck below that is currently making its way around Marvel Snap. Of course, Leech could easily replace Jessica Jones or Vision to make it a Leach Leader deck. But, they key here is using Vision to control the final turn placement and win the game.

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