Command & Conquer: Rivals Guide

Welcome to our Command and Conquer: Rivals page. Here notes, tips, and walkthrough material can found in form of a guide. Currently, CC Rivals is in pre-alpha. So much more info and add-ons are soon to come, as the game progresses.

Commanders | Units | Tactics | Leveling/Rewards

Command & Conquer, one of the most astounding and popular game series to ever exist, has began to invade our hand held devices. With the latest installment in process.

Build your army. Armies are the heart of the game. This is where you build your factions to beat the enemy team. When viewing armies you will as your commanders and buildings (with associated units).

Play tactics. This game is about one thing. Nuking the enemy before the nuke you. And there are many tactics. So far, it seems,there is a beginning, middle, and end game tactics for each game.

Beginning tactics. As soon as the game starts immediately begin creating units and buildings. Ideally th a main tactic is to take over and defend platforms to trigger nukes. However as you play you may see more advance game plays from other opponents, or discover some yourself. Going straight to attack the enemies harvester (or even base!) is a good way to gain a quick offensive lead, or throw off your opponents game. When beginning, cheap units and troops are ideal. High cost units take longer to save up for.