Fantastic Four 2015 Trailer Review

Fox has released the first look at the new Fantastic Four movie reboot as a teaser trailer. And so far it is looking hopeful. I try not to get my hopes up when it comes to Fox using Marvel characters for movies, but this seems to be going in the right direction. This almost 2 minute trailer shows a glimpse of what the heroes will look like, and a bit of how the movie will play out.

Right off the bat the trailer throws some big concepts. How did humanity get this far? Why do humans have to be so inventive and curious? And mentions with every discovery there is risk, sacrifice, and consequence. I take from this that the movie will follow a more sci fi thriller type idea as oppose to the action packed super hero movie style. Which is great to me. Fantastic Four, as long as I have read the comics, has been more about solving problems with brains and solutions than fighting their way through. This has much to do with the genius leader Reed Richards. 

In the Marvel Universe, Reed Richards is said to be one of the smartest men alive, if not the smartest. He is more brilliant than Tony Start, Bruce Banner, Forge, and other super geniuses. I don’t believe this was represented well in the other two Fantastic Four movies, but it looks like it may be a playing factor here.

Early in the trailer we see what seems to be a young Reed Richards working on an invention, showing his advanced mind even as a kid. Later on in the trailer we see Richards walking through what seems to be some type of high tech lab. Hopefully, these are signs that he will be known as a modern Einstein, much like in the comics.
fantastic four 2015 reed richards pic trailer screenshotSo it seems apparent, and rightfully so, that it is the experiments of Reed Richards and his team that leads to the creation of the Fantastic Four’s super powers. But it doesn’t look like they actually go in space like in the original story. So, could there be an attempt to travel to the Negative Zone, a strange dimension in the Marvel Universe? If so, could this new portal or discovery lead to the villains on FF 2015? Personally, I think this could be a good transition into creating the madness of Dr. Doom, along with giving an easy way to introduce a huge amount of enemies for the Fantastic Four to battle.

One interesting concept believed to be part of the new movie, is that the Fantastic Four represents each of the four basic elements. Mr. Fantastic is water, Invisible Woman air, and well, obviously the Human Torch is fire and The Thing is rock. This concept was introduced in the Ultimate Comic Universe, and will fit well into the science based drama of the new Fantastic Four.
fantastic four 2015 reed richards trailer screenshot fantastic four 2015 the thing rock break trailer screenshot fantastic four 2015 human torch invisible woman trailer screenshot fantastic four 2015 group shot trailer screenshot


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