IdleOn Skill: Mining

Mining efficiency is increased with mining power, which you mainly get from pickaxes, as well as your STR stat and mining level. It can be enhanced further by other bonuses, such as Talents, stamps, Alchemy bonuses, and more.

You can access mining nodes from the left portal in the starting town. Note that to access each mining area you need to reach specific thresholds in the mining skill. Also remember you can smelt ores into bars in the Forge.


Copper NodeCopper Node.pngCopper Ore.pngCopper Ore2Tunnels Entrance
Iron NodeIron Node.pngIron Ore.png Iron Ore5Freefall Caverns
Gold NodeGold Node.pngGold Ore.png Gold Ore10Freefall Caverns
Platinum NodePlatinum Node.pngPlatinum Ore.pngPlatinum Ore30The Ol’ Straightaway
Dementia NodeDementia Node.pngDementia Ore.png Dementia Ore55The Ol’ Straightaway
Void NodeVoid Node.pngVoid Ore.png Void Ore185Sandstone Collosseum
Lustre NodeLustre Node.pngLustre Ore.pngLustre Ore250Undefined
Starfire NodeStarfire Node.pngStarfire Ore.png Starfire Ore500Undefined
Dreadlo NodeDreadlo Node.pngDreadlo Ore.png Dreadlo Ore850Undefined
Godshard NodeGodshard Node.pngGodshard Ore.png Godshard Ore1250Undefined

Mining Minigame

This game is the most difficult for us here at comicsandmemes. It involved jumping your minecart over the gaps and tapping to dive down onto ores to collect points. We don’t have any tricks or tips for this one, just keep trying to get the best score possible!