IdleOn! Skills: Smithing

Find and use recipes to unlock new items to craft, and unlock entire new tabs of items by crafting the tab expansions. The production tab is separate for each character. You gain 1 point for upgrades per Smithing level. For many recipes you will need bars of metal from ore. You can smelt those at theĀ Forge, either in the town or to the left in Tunnels Entrance.


Apart from the points you get from levelling up smithing you can also buy points with coins orĀ Monster Drops.

The Monster Drops required for anvil points are (in order):

  1. Spore Cap
  2. Frog Leg
  3. Bean Slices
  4. Carrot Cube
  5. Goblin Ear
  6. Bullfrog Horn
  7. Pocket Sand
  8. Crabby Cakey
  9. Coconotnotto
  10. Pincer Arm
  11. High Steaks
  12. Wakka Cherry
  13. Shrapshell

The upgrades are as follows:

  • Bonus Exp
  • Speed/h
  • Capacity

Production ITems

Smithing Level ReqNameImageExp Per Craft
5Trusty NailsTrusty Nails.png8
12Boring BrickBoring Brick.png14
18Chain LinkChain Link.png25
25Leather HideLeather Hide.png40
32Pinion SpurPinion Spur.png80
40Lugi BracketLugi Bracket.png0