Marvel Snap: All Venomized Card Variants

Some of the coolest looking card variants in Marvel Snap are the venomized variants. These cards take some of the popular heroes and villains character cards and gives them a awesome symbiote look to them. Venomized Cosmo, Debrii, and Angel are some of my personal favorite variant cards. Check out all the venomized variants for the game Marvel Snap here.

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Marvel Snap: Shuri Pile Deck

Another top meta deck for Shuri, the Shuri Pile deck, takes the Shuri Vision deck and combines it with the power of Taskmaster. First discussed by Ben on, this deck makes a mean turn 4, 5, 6 combo by hoping to draw and play Shuri, then Vision or Aero, followed by Task Master. No matter how you play it, Taskmaster doubles up on Shuri’s buff. Combined with the early game power of Lizard and Maximus, this power control type deck really shows the power of Shuri.

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Marvel Snap: Leader Deck

The Leader card in Marvel Snap has taken the meta by storm this season. The Leader paired with Leech to make a Leech/Leader deck has upset alot of players and some have called for developers to fix it. But, this may just be a clue to how competitive the game may be, and how important the meta is. However, with his own solo deck the Leader shows he can cause damage without the help of Leech. Check out this Leader deck below that is currently making its way around Marvel Snap. Of course, Leech could easily replace Jessica Jones or Vision to make it a Leach Leader deck. But, they key here is using Vision to control the final turn placement and win the game.

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Marvel Snap: Dino Control Deck

One of the top deck themes in Marvel Snap is the Devil Dinosaur decks. There are many versions of the dino decks, but they are usually best when put together with control/tech cards to win the game. This is our basic dino control deck. This deck has a variety of options in replacing cards, but to keep it true to the Devil Dinosaur cards, you want to keep a few key cards. Must have cards for a good Devil Dinosaur deck is Moon Girl, White Queen, Sentinel, and of course Devil Dinosaur himself. These cards keep Devil Dinosaur buffed with more cards in hand. Other cards can be replaced for availability, play style, or current top meta cards.

Other one cost cards that work well with Devil Dinosaur are Agent 13 and Quinjet. Mantis is great as well but can be a hit or miss. A popular meta deck in December 2022 is the Good Card Dino Deck. Simply ass Quinjet, Leader, and Maximus to the Dino Control deck in replace of Sunspot, Polaris, and Arnim Zola and you have that deck!

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Marvel Snap: All Discard Cards

Being one of the main abilities in Marvel Snap, discard, is for sure one you want to be familiar with. Knowing how to play, recognize, and counter discard cards and decks is important for wins when climbing rank. So here is a list of all the discard cards in Marvel Snap. As with all our pages, this will be ongoing and updated regularly. Check out all the discard cards and their abilities below.

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Marvel Snap: All Jim Lee Card Variants

Jim Lee is nothing shy of a living legend in the comic book field. Lee’s work alone in illustration helped rebrand X-Men into their popular 90s style used for the comics, cartoons, action figures and more. Lee’s artwork is a signature classic for Marvel, and it doesn’t stop there. Lee also did illustrations and art when starting Image Comics, and later for DC as well. Not only is Jim Lee a famous comic book artist, he is a also credited writer for many series he worked on, and now is head publisher for DC comics! Growing up on Marvel in the 90’s, you’ll be sure to see many of Jim Lee’s work in my best of Marvel Snap variant cards page.

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Marvel Snap: Negative Surfer Deck

The Negative Surfer Deck takes the best of two cards (Silver Surfer and Mister Negative), and makes the best out of them together. They key to this deck is having the title characters, and cards that cost 3 yet have power lower than 3. Iron man isn’t as crucial but is a power player in this deck. This deck, along with the Leech Leader deck, have been one of the hottest decks for December 2022’s meta game and season.

Replacing Mojo and Adam Warlock with Psylocke and Sera actually will make this the top tier meta deck in the last week of December 2022.

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Marvel Snap: All Alex Ross Variants

Alex Ross card variants for Marvel Snap are based on the amazing artwork of artist Alex Ross. He is a fan favorite known for making realistic paintings of comic book characters. Some of his work such as The Marvels, and Kingdom Come (DC), are critically and fan praised for its style and detail. He is also known for the many beautiful covers he has done for comics. There are currently only 4 variants, but hopefully many more are to come. See all of Alex Ross variants for Marvel Snap cards below.

For other variant themes and styles of character cards check out this page.

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