Amy Coney Barrett Memes (ACBM)

Amy Coney Barret officially Supreme Court Justice on October 26th 2020, making here forever trapped as a meme and an acronym for eternity. Congratulations.

The first meme format has already popped up of ACB holding up a blank notebook. Amy Coney Barret held up the blank paper proving she didn’t have notes, but we really know it is for meme culture to get to work.

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Coffin Dance Memes

The coffin dance, or dancing pallbearers video is one of those memes we didn’t know we needed. In Ghana, some families opt for a less mournful funeral, and have more of a celebration of life instead. Insert dancing pallbearers. Enjoy these coffin dance memes and be sure to check out the original video from BBC along with the remix version with “Astronomia” in the background.

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