Optical Illusions

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Optical illusions, illusion art, optical art, op art, or trippy eye tricks… Whatever you want to call it, it is an art form in itself to artists and graphic designers alike. Using confusing patterns, geometry, colors, knowledge of how our mind and eye works, and abstract art these artists create unique and mind blowing effects. Impressive as it is to think about already, this art form also has many types, categories, and artists. This page will look at all those involved with Optical Illusion, from the history of optical illusion, to the modern artists who practice it.

Styles of Optical Illusion
Classic Style Optical Illusions (color change/movement)
Canvas Paintings
Street Art/Street Illusions
Digital Effects and Illusions
3D GIFS/Pop Out (Magic Eye)
Body Paintings
Hidden Images

Artists of Optical Illusions
Victor Vasarely 9 April 1906 – 15 March 1997
Victor is known for working with geometry and shapes to eventual lead to the invention of the art style of optical illusions. Coming into his own in the 1950 and progressing the idea of illusions, his impression can still be found in today’s world of illusion art.

Bridget Louise Riley 24 April 1931
Bridget took the work of Victor as an influence and ran with it, molding the art form of optical illusions towards the breathing, moving images we know of today. She often worked with black and white, yet still made her images seem alive.

More Optical Illusion Art:

Kurt Wenner

“Underground Piano” by Shigeo Fukuda

Drawing Hands (1948) by MC Escher

Cliffhanger by Nikolaj Arndt

Andrea Mantegna