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Released Nov. 2020, Apr. 2021 on Steam
Made by LavaFlame2
Genre: rpg, pixel, 2d, Farming, action, leveling
Platform: Google Play, PC/Web, Steam (IOS coming soon)

Version 1.40 is now released! This includes:
World 3 boss Chizoar (Normal and Chaotic)
World 3 Dungeon: Glacier Basement
World 3 Quests
New Time Candy (up to 500 hours)
*Do not use new time candy with Unending Energy Prayer!*
New Constellations

Version 1.30 is now released! This includes:
Party Dungeons. Play with friends!
World 1 Dungeon: Grandfrogger’s Gazebo
New Arcade Game minigame feature
Custom Title Screens
New Achievements with rewards
Plus new cards, gear, and more

World Three: Ice Mountain released! See Details

Legends Of IdleOn is a new game we have high hopes for here at Comics & Memes. The play and graphics are great and much is being added. The focus on the game is leveling multiple characters by fighting monsters, gathering, and crafting items. One of the best features is in the name, the idle feature. While afk, either with the game open or off, your characters will continue to level and farm! This game is a work in progress, and we plan on keeping an updated guide as we play through, and new content is released. Enjoy!

Legends of IdleOn! Leveling Guide

Leveling is a key part of Legends of IdleOn. Although characters can share materials and gear, they are independent on leveling. Your characters can be constantly leveling, even when not playing. This is a key part to succeeding at the game. Always be sure to log off in the right area, with empty bags to collect materials. While afk (idle), you can level your main level or sub
Types of Experience: Main, Job, Specialty

See our leveling guide page here.

Legend of IdleOn! Quest Guide

There are many questlines and side quest already in the game. But, the main quest line can be easily followed by Scripticus, the main quest giver. Scripticus is the paper scroll in the right side of the town area. He has the first yellow quest you see when starting the game. He will guide you along with missions throughout your players journey.

Quest Helper and Codex will also help greatly with quest missions throughout the game.

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Legends of IdleOn! Player Classes

There are currently 4 classes in Idleon!. There are warriors, mages, archers, and journeymen. There are also subclasses. Usually there is 2 subclasses to a regular class, with the exception of journeyman, show currently has none. Also this is a game in development so who knows what else is planned.

Classes decide what spells, talents, and stats you will use. It also is a deciding factor of what gear you are going to use. There currently isn’t any class specific quest, but the journeyman class does require a long quest chain to unlock.

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World Maps: The Areas of IdleOn!

Each area in IdleOn is full of different things such as NPCs quest, monsters with gold and loot, and skill areas. So far all areas are on one of two worlds, with more to come soon. We have included maps with area names, and pages with each area in the process.

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