Spider-Man PS4 Guide and Info

September 7th, 2018 on PS4, made by Insomniac Games (Spyro The Dragon, Ratchet and Clank). Marvel’s Spider-Man features upgrades, an open world of New York City, boss fights, side missions and many guest appearances.

This is a great game with an awesome story line for any Spider-fan. That bring said, reading ahead on bosses, story notes and even mission may give away spoilers.

Spider-Man PS4 controls:

Web slinging and fighting controls
Over 27 Spider-Man suits/costumes

Bosses & Battles

Easter Eggs and references

Campaigns & Bosses

Side Mission:
Police Towers alerts of nearby crime

Backpacks gives back tokens for gear upgrades. 55 total



Map & Locations

Frequently Asked Questions

Downoadable Content

Spider-Man Suits:
Iron-Spider (Pre Order)
Spider-Punk (Pre Order)
Velocity-Spider (Pre Order)
See all Spider-Man suits/costumes

Bosses & Characters
Peter Parker (Spider-Man)
Yuri (Peter’s police friend/source)
Wilson Fisk (Villain: The Kingping

Main Story/Game Plot:
Chapter 1: Spider-Man starts in his mid 20s, already establish. After a police call from Yuri, he decides to help being down the kingpin. After the boss battle, the Kingpin forshadows “he was keeping the city in order, in one month you’ll wish you had me” is this a warning of troubles to come?…

After assisting in arresting Wilson Fisk, he immediately gets a call from Doctor Octavious. Oct and Parker are working on a prosthetic project together. Shortly after the failing experiments is researched by Peter, Yuri calls Spider-Man.This opens up side missions to connect the police towers.

Spider PS4 Easter Eggs & References
Shall we kiss? From Spider-Man movie

Pictures in opening Scene Spider-Man movie

The end credits for beating the game pays respect to the MCU by having two post credit scenes. And they are well done, some of the best end bonus scenes yet! Hopefully these forshadow future gameplay.

When Spider-Man asks Yuri about the policeman’s ball, she asks if he has a black and white suit. Spidey replies with a uhhhh… like he is thinking of his black suit, which didn’t turn out so well. Venom!

Frequently Asked Questions:
Which Spider-Man is in game?
Peter Parker is the main character, with others playable. Miles Morales is not confirmed, but Mary Jane is as a playable character.

Is this an origin story?
Spider-Man will start in his mid 20’s and will focus on a wide world of stories and villains. His origin will not be a major plot, but may be mentioned.

Upcoming DLC (Downloadable Content):
The City That Never Sleeps, Following 3 months
The Heist: Oct. 23rd 2018
Turf Wars: Nov. 2018
Silver Lining: Dec 2018