Idleon!: Arcade Game, playing and other info

Idleon now has a new mini-game with a ballpit released along with Version 1.30. The game basically place like Plinko gone crazy! To play just hit launch as many times as you like to send your balls flying, pinball style. Yet, there is no bumpers, just pure luck. Arcade offers bonus rewards such as money, gems, and even stat bonuses in the shop. And if you are lucky, you can hit the jackpot or more to the bonus round for more ball action!

Where To Find The Arcade Clown In Idleon

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IdleOn! Quest: Wait No, I Meant Pathetic Gaming

This quest is given by the NPC XxX Cattleprod XxX, found in Grandioso Canyon. It requires defeating all the Mafiosos and Sand Castles before the time limit is up.


Defeat 30 Mafiosos
Defeat 18 Sandcastles
Time starting at 72.


“Wait no I remember!! You need to also kill all the sand castles, cuz like the maps have connected spawn timers…? My friend told me and he’s way smarter than you so go do it!”
Quest: Defeat Mafioso’s and Sand Castles super fast

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