Marvel Snap: Leech Leader Deck

One of the top decks played right now in meta for ranked in Marvel Snap is the Leech Leader combo deck. This deck takes two irritating cards when played and puts them together. Leader and Leech are already great for control decks on their own, but now there is a deck that focuses more on these character cards themselves. Introducing the mean green Leech and Leader Deck.

Check out The Leader Deck here without Leech.
See more meta decks here.

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Check Out These Amazing Fan Made Cards for CUE: Cards, The Universe, And Everything

We’re a big fan of CUE: Cards, The Universe, And Everything. Specially since it includes cards and decks about, well, everything! There is a few key factors why fan cards are just fun and awesome. They are creative and sometimes pretty funny, allowing to add card effects that wouldn’t or couldn’t be balanced in game. They allow us to see licensed IPs that would probably be in game if it wasn’t for legal reasons. And last but not least, They can just look really cool thanks to some of the artists!

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Marvel Snap: All Variants, types, and more

Marvel Snap is loaded with character cards. (Over 240 and counting) And each character also has variant card designs. This is great for not only collectors that play, but competitive players who like their deck to have a them. You can have a pixel deck, sports deck, chibi deck, steam punk deck, and so on. Some variants are even based off the work of certain artists. And of course you can blend the styles or just go with your favorite variants. Check out our info on Marvel Snap variants below!

Wow is the TVA gonna be mad when they see all the variants.

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Idleon! World 3: Ice Mountains

Save your time candies! Soon the much anticipated word 3: Ice Mountain will be released (V. 1.20). The creator of game has announced the release date for world 3 for around May 22nd, give or take a few days. World 3 will have many of the same features of the previous worlds such as monsters and portals for stages, plus two new resource skills and one new town skill. Also, it is teased that a tower defense game and much more new features.

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Pokemonmastersex memes

The official Twitter page of the mobile Pokemon game, Pokemon Masters EX made an internet boo boo this week when they decided to make their Twitter tag. The tag was #pokemonmastersEX. As harmless as it was intended, it ended up being a bit closer to creepy. Without the capitalization, it looked worse than just pokemon masters EX, and more like pokemon master sex. Ooops! And of course, internet culture ate it up.

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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot game time machine allows story replay.

Soon this month, March 2020, the new hit video game Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will release a new patch featuring time travel. In other words, unlike before, you will be able to go back in time and replay story chapters previously beaten.

Gaming Company Blizzard accused of Backing China instead of Free Speech

Things have been going good lately for Blizzard with the release of Classic Wow. We have seen more advertisement and more subscriptions to their popular game World of Warcraft. But, I recent political episode has caused many to question the morality of the company.

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Classic WoW Versus Vanilla Wow (What is Different?)

Classic WoW will launches August 27th, 2019 and will be based on World of Warcraft 1.12 originally released on August 22nd, 2006. It was the last major patch change in Vanilla WoW, Before Burning Crusade and other expansions.

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