Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide & Info

Red Dead Redemption II is the latest installment in Rockstar’s western shooter series. It is a first/third person shooter with rpg elements featuring cool characters, guns, open world, and suspenseful storytelling.

Released Date: Oct. 26th, 2018.
By: Rockstar Games (GTA, LA Noire)
Systems: PS4, Xbox One

Characters | Story | World | Weapons | Wildlife | Gameplay

Update! Red Dead Online is now in open live beta!
Red Dead Redemption II Online: Guide and Info


Red Dead Redemption 2 includes many people, from rival gangs to lawmen. Each town has many patrons. Many characters are in the Van Der Linde gang, as in the following people.

Arthur Morgan. the main character, outlaw for life
John Marston. like Arthut, a protege of Dutch
Van Der Linde Gang. Arthur’s lifelong crew
Dutch Van Der Linde. leader of the game
Hosea Mathews. Dutch’s sidekick for life
Molly O’Shea. girl of interested to Dutch
Susan Grimshaw. the strong willed mother to the group
Pearson. the gang’s chef/butcher. ex-navy
Micah Bell. butt whoopin’ wildcard
Charles Smith. the newer recruit, deadly fight. possibly native
Bill Williamson. the hard ass of the group
Leopold Strauss. book keeping old man from Austria
Abigail Roberts. another orphan raised by the gang, mother of Jack Martson
Jack Marston. son of Abigail and John
Karen Jones. hard drinking con woman
Javier Escuella. Mexican bounty hunter, loyal gang member
Tilly Jackson. runaway outlaw
Uncle. funny and lazy drunk of the gang
Mary-Beth Gaskill.
Lenny Summers.
Josiah Trelawny.
Reverend Swanson.
Sean Macguire.
Sadie Adler. widow out for revenge

Online Characters (NPC):

Jessica Leclerk
Jeremiah Shaw
JB Cripps
Clay Davis


RDR2 takes place before the events of the Red Dead Redemption 1, but after Red Dead Revolver. It is 1899, the end of the century, along with the wild west. The player plays as Arthur Morgan, a member of the infamous Van Der Linde gang.

World Map

With a huge open world, RDR2 contains states, frontiers, towns, settlements, and many bodies of water, from lakes, rivers, to the coast. Here are some of the known waters in-game.

Bodies of water in Red Dead Redemption 2
Dakota River
Lannahechee River
Flat Iron Lake

The states of Red Dead Redemption 2
Ambarino (AM)
Lemoyne (LE)
New Hanover (NH)
West Elizabeth(WE)
New Austin (NA)

Towns and Settlements
Annesburg, NH
Lagras, LE
Mount Hagen, AM
Rhodes, LE
Saint Denis, LE
Strawberry, WE
Valentine, NH


Weapons are a key for survival in RDR2. The wild west is full of deadly predators, human and animal alike. Carrying a couple of guns and knives is key to staying alive. But make sure you got ammo and your weapons are in good condition. The weapon system said to be realistic, and similar to the one in the original Read Dead Redemption. Dead Eye system is in this game.

Guns (handguns and rifles)
Double Action Revolver
Bow & Arrow
Stone Hatchet (GTAV Unlock)

Wildlife & Horses

Red Dead Redemption 2 has a living world featuring 200 species of wild life, along with rare unique animals. Hunting and fishing are a major function of the game.

Horses are a necessity for any accomplish cowboy or outlaw.  There are 19 different horse breeds in Red Dead Redemption 2, with 59 different coat designs. Horses allow for transportation and also carrying objects and weapons. There are different breeds for different styles and play. Bonding with horses is important for progressive controls and action.  I am a bit hoping this game has bit of a Grand Theft Horse feel.

Legendary animals are found in the wild much like other Rockstar games.For each one of the 200 species it is said that there is one legendary. Hunting legandary animals awards unique pelts and such for crafting one of a kind items. Legendary animals outside of the species, and others such as Bigfoot and Chupacabra are yet to be confirmed wither way.



Main Campaign
Side Missions
Poker Games
Train/Bank Robberies
RDR2 Online

Mechanics and other features

Dead Eye System
The dead eye system allows for more accurate shots by slowing time and showing vital target areas. Dead eye is great for shoot outs, but could also be used for accurate hunting. Save the skin of meat of your prey with one shot kills.

Honor System
Your actions, such as decisions and kill count, effect how people in the game see you.

Gang Morale System
Keep supplies and resources plentiful to keep the gang morale high, giving you more rewards and perks.

Dynamic Wildlife and Functioning Ecosystem
Rockstar is ambitiously pushing to make RDR2 one of the most lively open world games to date. They are doing this by having time and environment being a major factor to gameplay. Your character must eat, rest, shave, and so on. At the same time, everything you do may leave a mark in the world, for better or worse.

RDR2 Online Mechanics
Red Dead Redemption 2’s online will release one month after the initial game launch date, Oct. 26th. Online will release first as a beta, and will allow around up to 32 players on one map.
Red Dead Redemption II Online: Guide and Info

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