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  • Man Or Bear Memes

    Man Or Bear Memes

    Here is a collection of memes based on the current social media fad of women being asked, which would they rather run into alone in the woods, a man or a bear. The comparison of which one is safer, the bear or the man, has sparked many social media debates and many funny memes along…

  • Easter Memes

    Easter Memes

    Along with all our other holiday memes, we have a collection of Easter memes as well. To start, nothing is better than the classic video of kids scared by their grandma dressed in a creepy Easter Bunny costume, followed by many more Easter jokes and funny memes.

  • Ali C. Lopez AKA Gorlock The Destroyer Meme

    Gorlock The Destroyer is a meme joke name given to internet celebrity and influencer Ali C. Lopez. According to the nickname was first given to her after appearing on the whatever podcast, then a Twitter(X) post showing the podcast episode had Ali C. Lopez labeled as Gorlock The Destroyer. The title of the podcast…

  • Quiet On Set Memes

    Quiet On Set is a new docuseries on Max going behind the scenes of Nickelodeon and its kids shows and creators. Most notably it handles the heartbreaking case of Drake Bell, who also has had some troubles of his own recently, and talks greatly of Dan Schneider, the creator of many Nick shows such as…

  • X-Men ’97 Memes

    In honor of the new pick-up season of X-Men /97, here is our collection of the best X-Men memes around the web. From that rogue booty to Wolverines yearning crush picture, seems the show is not only revived, but also some classic X-Men memes. See release dates and times here. In the first episode of…

  • Zuck Vs. Musk Cage Match Fight Memes

    Elon Musk recently told Mark Zuckerberg he is up for a cage match if he is. Which Mark replied to “send me location” and better start training. Now this is a fight we would all like to see. Musk: Age 51 Height 6’2″ Weight 200 lbs Zuck: Age 39 Height 5’7″ Weight 155 lbs

  • titan sub OceanGate memes

    It is truly a tragedy this week with all hope of rescuing the five billionaires trapped in an unsafe sub at the bottom of the ocean. Why they decided to take such a risk to see the Titanic is uncertain. And even though it is a sad fate, that doesn’t stop the internet from creating…

  • Beavis and Butt-Head Memes

    This is like, a bunch of memes about Beavis and Butt-Head. They like, were really popular in the 90s. But, um, now they got new episodes on Paramount Plus so there’s a bunch of new memes and stuff. You should check out all these memes on them. They’re really cool.