Andrew Tate Memes

Andrew Tate cannot seem to stay out of the news for bad reasons. After recently getting roasted on Twitter by Greta Thunberg for saying small pee pee energy, he then got arrested by Romanian police. He was found after posting a clapback video on Twitter at a local pizzeria called Jerry’s Pizza. There is too much there in itself without looking more into it. But, Andrew Tate has become a joke in himself, let alone a meme. Here is a collection of Andrew Tate memes found around the internet.

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A Collection Of Copypastas

What is a copypasta?

A copypasta is a long block of text that is copied and pasted on social media and message boards all over the internet. They are fun and popular in many meme communities. Some start off on a serious not like “thanks for sharing this changed my life” or jokingly like popular song lyrics or movie quotes. Copypastas can even be recipes. Either way, they are fun to use for trolling or just being silly.

Our Collection Of Copypastas

  • Thank For Sharing
  • This Game Saved My Life
  • How Is Babby Formed
  • This Video Changed My Life
  • I disagree with that statement
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Festivus Memes

Festivus, a holiday for the rest of us! Today, December 23rd 2022, is the 25th anniversary of the fake holiday Festivus. Originally created on the sitcom Seinfeld, Festivus is a holiday making a joke of all the holidays around this season like Christmas and Hanukkah, and giving also another reason to have the day off. Happy Festivus everyone! Break out your Festivus pole and celebrate these holiday memes with us.

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Zach Wilson Memes (NFL Jokes)

Zach Wilson has been meme worthy all year with news of him braggin about sleeping with his mothers older friend, being benched and commented on with Jet’s quarterback Sam Darnold, and for his young looks. Topping the NFL memes charts lately, here are a few memes about Zach Wilson and his interesting NFL career. Not to mention his humorous life choices.

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Shoresy Memes

The show “Shoresy” is a hit streaming show based on hockey in Canada. It is a spin off of another hit show by the same creator, Letterkenny. It’s quite impressive how the creators of Letterkenny have taken a one dimensional comic relief character and turned him into a full on character with a great story and background. With the spirit of Letterkenny, Shoresy has a bunch of hilarious lines and funny quotes to go along with it. Here is some of our favorite memes about the show and character, Shoresy.

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George Carlin Quotes & Memes

George Carlin is known to many as one of the best comedians of a century, with his humor and philosophy spanning many generations. His brilliant yet unique outlook still inspires people to this day. He is truly a legend, and many of Carlin’s jokes and quotes will live for decades/centuries past his legacy. Here are only a few of many of the great quotes of George Carlin

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