Kane Brown Lost in Woods Memes

Kane Brown is catching flack on the internet for getting lost in his own backyard. So of course memes and jokes are involved. Kane Brown was out with some friends exploring his 30 acre woods, which is surrounded by thousands of acres of woods around it. They ended up calling the cops to help be found. The video below the memes has him explaining the whole story.

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2020 so far memes

Well, needless to say 2020 has not turned out as great as we hoped. Between Coronavirus, riots, murder hornets and alien zombies, we just can’t seem to get a break. But, we try to find the humor in a crap situation. here are some memes based on the crazy year of 2020 so farl.

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Wait it’s… Always Has Been

A meme that looks strangely familiar, like from a movie. Two astronauts stare at an object such as earth, with one holding a gun pointed at the other from behind. Wait it’s… just another meme. Always has been.

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Sad Will Smith Meme

With Jada Smith telling the world she was in an entanglement, and that ain’t a movie title, the internet has once again taken someones pain and make it a meme. With all respect to the fresh prince, we’re happy to present sad Will Smith memes

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Wear A Face Mask Memes

I don’t like wearing a mask. I don’t like wearing pants either. But everyone has to do their part to get things reopened. Wash your hands, cover your cough, and share a bunch of face mask and coronavirus memes.

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Facebook Care React Emoji Memes – Hug them hearts

Here is some of our favorite new memes based off Facebook’s new heart reaction emoji. BTW, I haven’t got mine yet. You think I don’t care enough Facebook? Can this broken heart not love? Here’s the memes.

If Freiza gets ahold of all 7 react emojis, will Goku be able to defeat him?

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Stimulus Checks $1200 Memes

Sugar daddy Trump has sent out his stimulas check for 2020. If you’re still waiting, here’s some memes to hold you over.

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Fighting Frieza and Coronavirus

You gotta keep training that immune system if you want to win the tournament of power! Stay strong everyone!