Q-Shaman Memes

Jake Angeli is gaining meme celebrity status for his appearance and involvement in the U.S. Capitol Building raid ambush in Washington, D.C. Known already as the Qanon Shaman, Buffalo Hat Guy, or Q-Shamon, Jake is now famous for images of him dresses in an extreme outfit during the protest attacks. Most of these images are now memes. Be sure to check out our other DC Protest 2021 memes, too!

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DC Protest 2021 memes

The Capitol Building was raided yesterday by a far right pro-Trump mob after a speech by Donald Trump. The DC protestes did not stay peaceful for long as the groups forced their way through the Capitol Building. Although many were hurt and the chance of a civil war is scary, the internet always find humor in the worst case scenarios.

Here is our ongoing list of memes based on the 2021 DC protest that led to the Capitol Building being raided.

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