Month: December 2020

  • Grog Memes

    The old alcoholic drink for pirates and Vikings seem to be making it back to the internet fads. Is it from the Vikings show? Is it from the World of Warcraft drinks? Who are we to judge. Here are some Grog memes.

  • Lori Lightfoot Memes (Stay Inside)

    The mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot has not been light hearted about people staying inside. Many memes have surfaced about how strict policies of social distancing. So of course, here’s a meme collection on the subject.

  • Leaving work like… Friday Memes

    Everyone knows that feeling of waiting to leave work on Friday. The clock never moves slower, no day drags slower. But when Friday is here, we all ready to rush out the door and leave work to get to our home, our party, or our friends. Here is some leaving work Friday memes.

  • Friday Memes (TGIF)

    Everybody loves Friday. Its debatably the best day of the week. Last day of work, start of the weekend. Celebrate, enjoy, and get ready to party with our Friday memes collection.

  • Grogu Memes (The Jedi Formally Known as Baby Yoda)

    First it was Baby Yoda, then is was Kevin, But now we have found out the true name of the baby on Mandalorian. Grogu, the real star character of the show, a baby version of whatever species Yoda and Yaddle is, has been named. Ahsoka Tano reveals his true name in Season 2, Episode 5,…

  • Covid-19 Vaccine Memes

    The vaccine for the infamous Coronavirus has finally been approved. Knowing that antivaxxers already exists, its no doubt the getting the vaccine. Well, either side your on of the Covid-19 vaccine in the world, these memes should help get a kick of the possible end of the Coronavirus… Even if it means the start of…

  • Christmas 2020 Memes

    Its the most, contagious time, of the year! Well, as we draw 2020 to a close we get to get ready to enjoy Christmas and other holidays. I hope Santa wears a mask! All those homes he’s going in could be dangerous. I’m dreaming of a vaccine Christmas. Here’s some good olé Christmas memes to…

  • AirPods Max Memes

    With a high price and name brand of an Apple product, people aren’t reacting how the company probably wanted. Twitter had a good time memeing up the look and price of the new AirPod Max.

  • Taco Tuesday Memes

    Probably the best thing about any Tuesday is its taco day. Taco Tuesday is here to stay. So enjoy the Taco specials, the excuse to pig out on Mexican food, and this delicious Taco Tuesday memes.

  • Tuesday Memes

    Some say Tuesday is the second worse day of the week. But, it does include tacos. We hope our Tuesday meme collection can brighten up your day. Also check out our Taco Tuesday Memes page!