All MCU Phases And Movies

There are over 10 years of Marvel canon movie history, including many phases and movies. At this time phase three has ended, and phase four has just begun. Phases one through three are considered the Infinity Saga, causing many to expect phases four through six to be another huge saga.

Relative MCU Movies

These movies are not officially MCU, but can be considered part of the main line of Marvel movies. Instead of actual canon, they are more of extended stories. This list will not include movies that are Marvel movies, but definitely are NOT part of the MCU, such as Fox’s Marvel movies (Fantastic 4, X-Men) except Deadpool, and Sony’s Spider-Man.

The Hulk movie has more reason to than not to be considered cannon, like Liv Tyler playing the same character, and opening scenes in Incredible Hulk looking much like this movie. However, with the remake of Blade, and head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige claiming they will keep Deadpool the same, these are still debatable. Since future movies are planned with the characters, we may actually find solid truth to this question in the next few years.

MCU Phase One

Six MCU Movies are in Phase One. The introductory phase of the MCU. This movie phase shows the origins of the four main Avengers, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. It also includes the first MCU sequel, Iron Man 2. This nice and tight phase ends with all four heroes being featured in the Avengers.

MCU Phase Two

Six MCU movies are in Phase Two. Phase Two is when Marvel starts really testing the waters. This phase is full of sequels, while introducing more unknown names to main stream movie goers, such as Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy.

MCU Phase Three

Ten MCU movies are in Phase Three. Phase Three is the biggest phase so far, being the culmination of the Infinity Saga and ten years of Marvel Studios’ MCU. Phase Three does a great job on expanding the whole MCU universe, while introducing new characters. Starting with Civil War and kind of ending with Endgame (Spider-Man Far from Home is more a middle phase movie, more on that later), Phase Three’s biggest challenge is balancing so many heroes into one movie. But Marvel did it, ending with Avengers: Endgame as the number one highest grossing movie of all time.

MCU Phase Four

Five MCU movies are in Phase Four. This phase is a start of a new era. It’s too early to tell if this movie phase will lead into a solid saga like the previous, but many expect it. Phase Four is said to also include the shows that will be featured on Disney+, although we are just focusing on the movies for this list.

MCU Phase 5

Phase Five is still in progress. As of now we can only speculate with movies will be in it. Movies on this list for MCU phase five are future movies Marvel has promised to do, either in statement or contract.