RDR2 Online: Guide & Info

RDR2 Online offer multiplayer events, and a new journey for players who have already beat story mode. Currently still in beta, some features are yet to be released. For instance, gambling (power) has yet to appear. Also it is believed more mission are soon to come.

Online Locations/Maps

Benedict Point
Austin & West Elizabeth

Online Characters (NPC):

Jessica Leclerk
Jeremiah Shaw
JB Cripps
Clay Davies


Part One: Intro & Character Select

Immediately starting the game you will be in a local jail. Here you will choose setting for your character in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. First select a man or woman. Then the game will ask you to select a name, whistle, and attributes. Unlike single player mode, Red Dead Online allows quite a bit of customization. You can select many different looks, and focus skills in either Health, Stamina, or Dead Eye. After choosing your preferred settings, the game begins!

RDR2 Online starts off in the Sisika Penitentiary. You begin in the male or female wing, depending on which character you create. After months of prison life, your character gets a break by being sent on a work detail assignment. While on the way, the police carriage is held up by an strange man (Mr. Horley). He allows everyone to escape, accept tells your character to follow him.

At this point you are in control. You need to follow the stranger. He will lead you to a camp with others, with some chit chat along the way. At the camp you will meet Jessica LeClerk, who is the reason for your escape and new mission. Here at the camp, you will be allowed to change clothes and receive a few items to start. This will give you a chance to decide your starting outfit.

After entering the tent and selecting an outfit. Jessica will go over the details of your mission. You are to hunt down and kill the men responsible for her husbands death. Then she will direct you to JB Cripps. He will give you a map. This allows you to select the location of your camp on the map. After selecting your location, Horley will recommend you visit Clay Davis, a horse thief. He is located back at the station. Now back in control, its time to mount up and head out. The Mini-map will apply a yellow line leading the way.

Upon arriving to Benedict Point Train Station, the game text will say to talk to the post clerk, Alden. After A short speech he will ask you to go to Gaptooth Ridge to find some hostile thugs causing problems. However you will need to head to Rio Brave. 

Once close to the location you will need to find their hideout. Then takeout the outlaws. After taking the out, you will learn the location of the treasure chest. Follow the red line to the chest.

Treasure Chest Content:
Ability Card Voucher
Gold Wedding Ring
Platinum Earring

More story content coming soon… Hey. This site is a lot of work for me.

Ability Load Outs

Dead Eye Abilities:
Amount To Recuperate: gain health
Focus Fire: deal more damage
Paint it Black: mark target for hits
Unlock at 24
Unlock at 44
Unlock at 50

1st Passive Abilities:
Unlock at 10

2nd Passive Abilities:
Unlock at 20

3rd Passive Abilities:
Unlock at 40