The Front Page of The Web Sets Fire to The Valley

A Series T-800 Robot in Terminator Genisys.

Two things very important to me as a content writer is all the new AI technology and the caring intelligent community of Reddit. So seeing how AI will affect the website/app, is something worth staying up to date about. However if you were to check the front pages of Reddit, you will see the Moderators (who basically control the content) are fighting against and not agreeing with Reddit’s CEO Steve Huffman’s ideas.

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WallStreetBets Memes

The Reddit group r/wallstreetbets has been all the news lately. They have changed the way we see the Stock Market and social media, loved and hated the Robinhood app, and made some poeple rich. And you can’t mention a Reddit group without mentioning memes here. So enjoy these memes about the huge retail investor group, the 1% of Reddit, WallStreetBets.

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Gamestop Stock Memes (Hedge Fund vs. Reddit)

This week has been history in the making as a group of retail investors took on top investors on Wall Street. Many are still grasping what is happened, and how to handle it. In short (pun intended), short selling hedge funds who bet billion in stocks such as Gamestop (GME), Blackberry (BB), Nokia (NOK),Express (EXPR) and possibly more lost billions when independent lower income traders decided to boost those stocks up, instead of down. At least this stock meme started that way, with a reddit group called WallStreetBets. The Gamestop stock also exploded after Elon Musk mention it in a tweet. Its all over the internet, and should be on Facebook next week. So, doing our part, we’ve invested in some new memes on this huge social issue.

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