WallStreetBets Memes

The Reddit group r/wallstreetbets has been all the news lately. They have changed the way we see the Stock Market and social media, loved and hated the Robinhood app, and made some poeple rich. And you can’t mention a Reddit group without mentioning memes here. So enjoy these memes about the huge retail investor group, the 1% of Reddit, WallStreetBets.

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Will GameStop Stock (GME) Keep jumping up this week?

Recently huge news came out involving the Reddit Group WallStreetBets vs the shorting Hedge funds. Many people are wondering if the stocks involved in this historical Wall Street event will continue to rise. Although many stocks are involved, the one stock questioned the most is GameStop (GME). Here we will look at what made GameStop rocket up, why it may continue to, and why it may not.

(Disclaimer: we are not professional stock advisors, just people who like keeping up with certain stocks. We are not recommending any actions such as buying or selling these stocks.)

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Gamestop Stock Memes (Hedge Fund vs. Reddit)

This week has been history in the making as a group of retail investors took on top investors on Wall Street. Many are still grasping what is happened, and how to handle it. In short (pun intended), short selling hedge funds who bet billion in stocks such as Gamestop (GME), Blackberry (BB), Nokia (NOK),Express (EXPR) and possibly more lost billions when independent lower income traders decided to boost those stocks up, instead of down. At least this stock meme started that way, with a reddit group called WallStreetBets. The Gamestop stock also exploded after Elon Musk mention it in a tweet. Its all over the internet, and should be on Facebook next week. So, doing our part, we’ve invested in some new memes on this huge social issue.

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Stock Market Sectors: Do they make sense? Is it organized chaos? Let’s take a look

So, you must be just as confused as I am about how sectors work in the stock market. Opposed just just trading stocks in companies, you can focus on booming market sectors like energy or technology, making it way more fun to lose your money. There are many classifications of sectors, industry groups, and industries (not to be confused with the industrial sector). But I have many unanswered questions. Where does Automotive go? Is it in industry? What about Tesla? Wouldn’t it be in tech and energy? Idk, let’s take a look.

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