What Is Comics And Memes?

Memes and comics are very similar medias. Both use graphics and text to display a thought. To understand what the difference and similarities are in comics and memes, both need to be understood.

What Is A Comic?

A comic comes from the panels of comic books or strips.  They are pictures in panels (frames), telling a story. Most comics are accompanied by text, usually in a bubble to show dialog. These collections of pictures with people talking were termed comic strips.

Comic strips started it all. The comic pages, or funny pages, in newspapers allowed for all kinds of new media. Most of them relied on comedy, being more cartoonish. But with the creation of super heroes such as Superman and Spider-Man, comics started to become more story driven, turning into whole collections of comic-like panels, comic books. The comic book (Manga in Japan) media allowed for many new stories and ideas to be shared. Now days when people think comics they think super heroes. But originally comic books featured all kinds of stories

What Is A Meme?

Memes are an internet term for images that usually display a state of mind, emotion, or thought. They are simple in length and to the point, not to be overthought. A meme is an evolving media, that has many different versions of itself, such as the text telling a different joke.
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What are the differences in Comics and Memes?

Comics are created to look and flow a certain way. Comics always have credited writers and artists, and are not meant to be filtered or altered. Memes however, are known to have many versions, and in many cases the original creator is unknown.  Also, comics come in many lengths, from a few panels, to a whole book. Memes are just one image and text, not more than so many pixels.

What are the similarities in Comics and Memes?

In many ways memes and comics are alike. As previously stated, they both use graphics and text. They are also both a form of media used on many levels. Anyone can make a meme or comic who wants to. There are even sites to help! Both are considered a form of art, but seem immature to some people. Personally, the beauty of both comics and memes is that anyone can enjoy them. The further the reach, the better.

Making your own unique meme online!

Many blank meme pages exist. You can simply search online or check out our page of blank memes. Use these blank meme templates to add your own text with software such as Photoshop, Coral, or Paint.
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There are many Meme Generators online. If you don’t have the software or know how to edit graphics, you can always use a Meme Generator such as https://imgflip.com/memegenerator.