Xpanding the X-Movies: Villians

In part of a series I hope to start writing on, this focuses on future plot and character ideas for Marvel and Fox’s X-Men movie universe. This article is all about the possible villains in future X-movies.

With X-Men: Apocalypse and possibly a X-Force movie in the future for our mutant heroes, it is no doubt writers and directors will be searching for the biggest and baddest to challenge the ever growing roster of X-Men. Continue reading “Xpanding the X-Movies: Villians”

Real Life GTA Car Chase in Colorado

Recent footage has popped up of a car hijacker running from the cops, stealing 4 cars, and everyone is calling it the real life Grand Theft Auto (game) incident. We don’t like to promote stupidity but the guy was caught in the end and faces a crapload of charges.

Real Like GTA Video – Colorado Car Chase

This man is now caught on tape driving recklessly, endangering and threatening others, and it has been said one of the cars had a child in it. Continue reading “Real Life GTA Car Chase in Colorado”

Hot Dogs or Legs?

A quick show of the Hot Dogs or Legs Meme.
Is it sexy hot legs, or yummy hot dogs?
hot dog legs meme 1 Continue reading “Hot Dogs or Legs?”

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Trailers and Reviews

Loving the hype and the funny arguments at which Spider-Man series is better, I think its time to start a page on reviews and a collection of all the best trailers we can find. See for yourself how well the new Spider-Man movie series reboot looks.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Official Trailer 3 Electro

At 0:55 it looks like someone else is swinging in the background, but who?

vulture doc oc amazing spiderman 2Also, you see a clear shot of the Vulture and Doc Oc’s equipment.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Official Trailer 4 Oscorp

Three Awesome Amazing Spider-Man Trailers Narrorated By Stan Lee

In the next preview you get to see some insight on how the cast and crew feel about being Spider-Man.” Continue reading “The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Trailers and Reviews”

DinoBots in Transformers 4! Trailer Review

DinoBots, at least the T-Rex, to be in Transformers 4

The whole time everyone has been thinking do we really need another Transformers? But wait its got Mark Walberg. Still not enough? Well I watched the trailer and wasn’t too excited, until close to the end. You get a good look at some of the new Transformers, Continue reading “DinoBots in Transformers 4! Trailer Review”