Tower of Fantasy Walkthrough

Chapter 1-01

Level One:
When starting the game and going through the tutorial you will need to first get your weapon and fight a few monster before opening the next area. When you are told to climb the wall be sure to go to the one straight ahead that is flat and goes straight up. you will enter a cut scene, battling a giant monster. After the cut scene you will awaken in Astra Shelter. this will have some story dialogue and introduce you to some characters. They will then ask you to get you weapon and follow them to Celine.

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Dad Jokes

Text Jokes | Images/Memes | Videos (TikTok)

Cheesy, cornball jokes that dads love to tell. These easy to catch, punny jokes are usually timeless and seem to make their way into all of pulp culture. Movies, television, memes, and even YouTube videos aren’t safe from dad humor.

Some Dad Joke Texts

How do you make a tissue dance?
Put a little boogie in it.

What’s the best time to go to the dentist?

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Halo Infinite: Video Walkthrough (TheRadBrad)

Pro gamer and star YouTuber TheRadBrad has completed another fun yet extensive guide to one of the last but best games of 2021, Halo Infinite, available on Xbox and PC.

This 18 part video walk through covers the game campaign for Halo Infinite from start to end, including the original soundtrack and all cinematics. If you want more details on what is in the game check out our Halo Infinite: Guide and Info page for bosses, weapons, and missions. watch and even play along if you’d like with all the videos below!

HALO INFINITE Campaign Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (FULL GAME)

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Idleon Dungeon Guide: 1st Dungeon, Grandfrog’s Gazebo

Dungeon Summery:
The first dungeon you can access is Idleon is Grandfrog’s Gazebo, found in Grandfrog’s Backyard. The entrance is in Froggy Fields. It is a timed dungeon with 3 bosses lasting 10 minutes. To summon each boss you need to collect a certain amount of materials and drop them in front of the giant cauldron, rinse repeat. Collect materials by defeating frogs, and summon more frogs by defeating the frog nests (the stick teepee looking things) . Each frog drops the material to summon the next level up frog as well. If you run out of materials from kill drops, you can also chop the tree to the bottom right to summon more frogs.

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Idleon!: Arcade Game, playing and other info

Idleon now has a new mini-game with a ballpit released along with Version 1.30. The game basically place like Plinko gone crazy! To play just hit launch as many times as you like to send your balls flying, pinball style. Yet, there is no bumpers, just pure luck. Arcade offers bonus rewards such as money, gems, and even stat bonuses in the shop. And if you are lucky, you can hit the jackpot or more to the bonus round for more ball action!

Where To Find The Arcade Clown In Idleon

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Reddit User Creates World of Warcraft Map of Virginia

If you ever played World of Warcraft you are familiar with the unique design to their maps in the game. With mute colors of brown and green, with an old ancient look, these maps are recognized by any player. Taking the real life state of Virginia, U.S.A, this user ConservationOfWumbo has created an awesome Photoshopped map with World of Warcraft features. take a look!

Compared to the real map of Virginia, you can see the work and detail put into this Virginia of Azeroth map.

The creator of this image has even expressed interests in creating other maps for other states with the World or Warcraft style, and may sell them on Etsy. Here is hoping he does!

IdleOn! Quest: Peak Gaming

This quest is given by the NPC XxX Cattleprod XxX, found in Grandioso Canyon. It requires defeating all the Mafiosos on screen before the time limit is up.


Defeat 15 Mafiosos in 30 seconds.


“Smh… look I’ll PROVE it to you! Go kill all the other mobs, and I bet one will spawn right here! But you gotta do it quick or they’ll just keep respawning up there!”
Quest: Kill all the Mafioso’s before they respawn

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