Cool Pics: Henry Cavill as Arthis (Warcraft) Artwork

What started off as fan casting has now gotten people excited about Henry Cavill playing Arthas in a Warcraft 2 movie. First photoshopped images we’re spreading, Chris Metzen even said he supported the idea. The rise of the Lich King and the Frozen Throze would make an interesting movie. Luckily we got these images for an idea how well Cavill would look, specially after being in the Witcher.

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Out of Shape Avengers

Check out this awesome photoshop work of The Avengers if they were to be overweight. These images feature the MCU Avengers and other heroes with a more realistic look of wrinkles and signs of obesity, looking like expert cosplays. These are what our superheroes would look like if they didn’t work out constantly and had an old-fashioned American diet.

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South Park Pandemic Special Eric Cartman’s “Social Distancing” Lyrics

New season of South Park starts off with a one-hour special featuring Cartman singing about all the ways the pandemic has made his life better.

Watch “The Pandemic Special” uncensored full episode here:

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2020 Emmy Nominees

Despite everything happening in 2020, the Emmys are still on. There have been some changes made due to the pandemic, though. Jimmy Kimmel will host the show without a red carpet, and there won’t be a live audience. Instead, the nominees will watch from a place of their choosing, likely their homes. Hopefully there won’t be anything too chaotic, but with it being 2020, we won’t hold our breath. The Emmys air tonight, September 20 at 8pm EST. Below are the nominees:

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People Catching Fish

People are often happy when they go fishing. It’s outside where it’s nice, and rewarding when you catch a fish. If you don’t enjoy fishing because it’s too cold, too hot, too rainy, or all around crappy weather, that is your fault and you should go at a better time. Here are examples of people being happy catching fish.

This man caught a fish. And he looks happy. Let’s see some more!

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Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer and Screenshots

Disney Plus’ hit Star Wars show Mandalorian returns in October. Today the trailer dropped, with less than a month away. The video trailer features the much loved Baby Yoda, the Mandalorian, his signature ship and the crew. Also, someone is heard telling him to return Yoda to his kind, but instead of a species the mean the Jedi. The show teases iconic Star Wars elements such as X-Wings, storm troopers, and possible planet hoth. Check out the video above and the screenshot images below.

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X-Men Animated Series Update: Cyclops Voice Actor Passes; Disney+ may pick up series

For a while many have been following reports of a possible follow up seasons to the most loved cartoon version of the X-Men, the 90’s animated series. Reports suggest the original cast and crew are in talks with Disney to resume the series on Disney+. Sadly, news also broke that one of the main cast members Norm Spencer, who was the voice actor for Cyclops, passed as of August 31st.

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