Month: January 2021

  • Stock Market Sectors: Do they make sense? Is it organized chaos? Let’s take a look

    So, you must be just as confused as I am about how sectors work in the stock market. Opposed just just trading stocks in companies, you can focus on booming market sectors like energy or technology, making it way more fun to lose your money. There are many classifications of sectors, industry groups, and industries…

  • Twisted Tea Memes

    We’re a little late on the fad, but still. After racism was smashed at the end of 2020, many decided to make memes about Twisted Tea. Twisted Tea, defender of the bs, smacker of crap talkers.

  • Mitch McConnell memes

    Between looking like a turtle and fighting against the $2000 stimulus, McConnell is doomed to be roasted by the internet. Check out these Mitch McConnell memes.

  • Tiger Woods Success Meme

    An awesome meme has been found of reddit featuring an animated gif with Tiger Woods. Seen making a shot and getting a win, Tiger Woods pumps his fist and smiles in success. All memes found on reddit at /dankmemes.

  • 2021 Memes

    2021 is here and things are already looking up. There’s now a vaccine for Covid-19, we have a change in politics, and racism has been destroyed by Twisted Tea. Also, U.S.A. is getting a stimulus of 600, or 2000, because there are no numbers in-between.Editor’s note: never-ending (Jan 7, 2021).

  • Amen Awoman Memes

    After a congressman said “amen and awoman” during the end of a prayer in congress, the internet exploded with memes.