Month: June 2021

  • Loki (TV Series) Memes

    we’re not very low key on our love for Loki here. Digging the Disney+ show based on the MCU character Loki, we have been collecting what we believe to be the best Loki memes found around the internet.

  • Wednesday Frog Memes

    Following the day after Taco Tuesday Memes, we have the awesome frog memes of Wednesday. Popularized by the “It’s Wednesday My Dudes’ frog meme, Wednesday Frog memes have been found randomly all over social media. See our collection of works of Wed. Frog Memes here.Wednesday MemesMore Weekday Memes

  • Reddit User Creates World of Warcraft Map of Virginia

    If you ever played World of Warcraft you are familiar with the unique design to their maps in the game. With mute colors of brown and green, with an old ancient look, these maps are recognized by any player. Taking the real life state of Virginia, U.S.A, this user ConservationOfWumbo has created an awesome Photoshopped…