Apex Legends: Guide & Info

*Note! This guide is in process. Some info is still yet to be filled out.*
Apex Legends is a battle royal free-to-play game on Xbox PS4 and PC. Although there is much to this game, it can simply be said to be a mix of Overwatch and Fortnite. Yet Apex Legends is always a team fight.

Apex Legends Info:
Legends | Weapons | Map | Gameplay

Apex Legends Guide:
Beginner’s Guide | Using Menus | Squad Play| Tips

Legends: Playable Characters

Currently there are 8 Legend Characters to choose from:

Bangalore | Passive: Sprint on Hit | Ultimate: Artillery
Bloodhound | Passive: Tracking | Ultimate: Sprint
Caustic | Passive: Nox Vision | Ultimate: Gas Grenade
Gibraltar | Passive: Gun Shield | Ultimate: Bombardment
Lifeline | Passive: Combat Medic | Ultimate: Care Package
Mirage | Passive: Encore! | Ultimate: Vanishing Act
Pathfinder | Passive: Insider Knowledge | Ultimate: Zipline Gun
Wraith | Passive: Void Voice | Ultimate: Dimensional Rift

Weapons & Items

Simply put Apex Legends’ items are armor, weapons (guns and grenades), attachments, and health/shield refills.
All Weapons List
Using Weapons
Best Weapons In Game

The Map: Areas and Tier Locations

Kings Canyon is currently the one and only map for Apex Legends. This is not a random map. The areas and tier drops stay the same. The only difference is hot zones that flash on the map, allowing better weapons.

High Tier Areas (Epic and Legendary Items)

Water Treatment
The Pit

Mid Tier Areas (Rare Items)

Slum Lakes
Skull Town

Low Tier Areas (Common Items)

Small Random Buildings
Hydro Dam

Gameplay: Guide & Tips

Beginner’s Guide | Using Menus | Squad Play | Tips

Tips and Notes:

Where should I start?
You do not want to start too far from the center of the map. As the rounds fade and the play area shrinks, getting caught in the storm is less likely if you do not position yourself on the edge to start.

Where should I land?
Looking at the map, it seems the best place to land is the the middle to upper left, near the Bunker and The Pit. There is more epic and legendary item drops here, and it is still far from the edge.

Is Apex Legends Cross Platform?
At this time no, Apex Legends does not cross platforms to allow play between PC and other platforms. However the lead developers have shown interest in priority in cross play development, but as of release it is not. It is also unsure if cross platform will include all devices, or just certain systems.

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