Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Choices & Info

Note! Spoilers and Mature Content

Choice is an illusion. 25041
This is one of the new interactive movie styles featured on Netflix. There are different choices to make. Making a choice changes the scene, and eventually the ending. It has yet to be discovered if there are any hidden, or secret endings. Many suspect choosing certain choices throughout the movie may effect the ending. Who’s controlling who? Is there a happy ending? Play along and find out.

Its important to to note that there is no bar for back or forward tracking for this movie. You can go back or forward 10 seconds at a time. But that will not work during the choice selection screen. And, you cannot rewind to before your choice. So choose wisely!

Also, letting it automatically choose usually leads to the quickest ending.

Another construct of this interactive movie is it seems eventually you have to make the right choices. If you choose the wrong one, you will play it out to the end, and restart where everything went wrong.

Imagine a straight line with circles on it. This is how to visualize the choices in order. If you make a certain choice, you will enter a loop. It seems that some loops need to be experienced to further unlock and progress the story

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch
Choice Chart with Endings

One map has already been made and released online for the movie game Bandersnatch. This is one of the first so there is a couple of ending options to note. Yet it still gives a good map image to get an idea of how many choice options there are in play.

Image found at Avengerscomics on Twitter.

What Is the Real Ending in Bandersnatch?

As far as many are concerned, there is not one correct ending for Bandersnatch. In fact, the happiest ending is found in the first real choice. Early on, in Choice 3, you can accept the job and company help and fail at the game. The game will get a horrible review, but no one will die! The best way to explain is as the story progresses and choices lead you further, the more darker the ending gets. And the more you watch and play it seems the more Stefan is tormented with truths and freak outs.

All that being said, the following are all the main choices listed in order following the straightest and longest path. There are arguably about 16 main choices, all listed below. There are many ending options and loops along the way. Enjoy the ride!

Choice 1: Sugar Puffs or Frosties

What kind of cereal do you want? This choice may not make a big difference if any. It is believed the first choice of cereal is just to show how the movie game will go. It will however show a cereal commercial later on when you receive the VHS tape from Colin.

Choice 2: Thompson Twins or Now 2

Which cassette tape will you choose? This is another custom choice like the cereal. There is no wrong answer. It will decide what music Stefan says he likes. Now 2 will play the Eurythmics “Here Comes The Rain Again“.

Choosing Thompson Twins will play their song “Hold Me Now“. Both are some sweet 80’s hits.

Choice 3: Accept or Refuse

The game company will offer you a chance to make your passion project, a new video game relying on player choices. (This movie is very meta by the way) If you refuse the offer, which is a very odd choice, Stefan will work alone. This is the right choice to continue the story, leading to the next choice.

The Refuse choice leads to a 0 star ending. Choosing yes will lead to Colin being assigned to work with you, along with all the company resources. Colin will say “sorry mate, wrong path” even though it seems like the right choice. After wards the game will get a bad review and shortly end the story. You will restart back at this choice, with Stefan saying “No”.

Choice 4: Talk Yes or No

Choosing No. This choice will ask you a second time if you say no. The counselor will back off, offering her help if you need to talk. Some scenarios will restart you at this point, automatically choosing yes.

Choosing Yes. Saying yes will cause Stefan to talk about a childhood experience involving his parents and his childhood toy, Rabbit. He blames himself and his dad for losing his mom, since he was looking for Rabbit. Stefan claims his dad his Rabbit.

Saying yes also shows a choice screen, but in the beginning, it only says NO for an answer. This is worth noting, as it is a part of an alternate ending or Easter egg. Later on towards the dream scene, there will be other options.

Its not instantly obvious how these choices effect the story. Either one will continue the story. But it would make since that remembering his Mom and Rabbit will help unlock other choices.

Choice 5: Phaedra or The Bermuda Triangle

This is another music choice. It will determine if you listen to Phaedra or The Bermuda Triangle in the next scene.

Choice 6: Pour Tea or Yell At Dad

Choosing Pour Tea. This is the wrong choice plan and simple. If you choose this Stefan will lose all his work, and the movie will tell you to go back.

Choosing Yell At Dad. Choosing yell at dad will cause Stefan to yell a bad word at his father. (Hey its a pg-13 site ok) Then dad will take Stefan back to the counselor.

Choice 7: Follow Colin or See Dr. Haynes

Choosing See Dr. Haynes. Choosing the doc is the right choice to continue the story. If you choose to follow Colin you will enter a loop. someone will die and you will have to start over at this choice. If you choose this, the story will continue. But you will not know why Colin is not at work the next day. He is probably too messed up.

Choosing Follow Colin. This will lead to an ending loop. Either choice will lead to Stefan taking drugs, and the same story. If you choose yes, he will take it voluntarily. Choosing no will cause Colin to slip it into Stefan’s tea. Stefan Stefan doesn’t seem to mind that he’s tripping either way. Colin will go on a rant about another spirit making choices for us. Then he will talk about how one of them will jump from the building.

This will lead to a new choice. Who will jump? However either way this choice will end badly, and restart you back at Choice 7. Stefan will see the doctor now.

Choice 8: Bite Nails or Pull Earlobe

Select a nervous habit for Stefan to perform. Stefan will fight the urge to do your decision.

Choice 9: Take Pills or Flush Them

Choosing Take Pills. Taking the medicine will lead straight to an ending. The game will get a bad review and Stefan will say “Let’s try again”. You will then have the option to go back, or follow Collin from choice 7 if you haven’t already.

Choosing Flush Them. This is the only choice at this point in the movie to on continuing the story.

Choice 10: Break Computer or Hit Desk

Hitting the desk is the right choice. If you choose break the computer you will have to restart.

Choice 11: Pick Up Photo or Book

This is where things get a bit strange and tricky. This choice influences Stefan’s dream and leads into many loops and puzzles. The photo will lead to a full scene with no options. The book will lead to a dream scene with quite a few options. There will be safe in Stefan’s Dad’s study. So far I have found 4 different options for this safe.: JFD, PAX, TOY, & PAC.

Choosing Family Photo. This choice will make Stefan dream he is going through the mirror and is a kid again, reliving what happened as a kid with Rabbit and his mom. then it will lead to the next choice, where you can continue the long version or see the Netflix ending.

Choosing Book. If you pick up the book instead of the family photo he will have a dream where he sneaks into his dad’s study, finding a lock which requires a password. This will lead into a small choice for the dream sequence. Entering PAX will show a monster. Entering JFD will show a strange man.

Third Password Option: Toy. Its too early to say for 100% what unlocks this password in the movie. But after watching all 3 dream versions and then working up to Karate Chop Dad, it was unlocked. There wasn’t even a choice on book or Photo before hand. Book was automatically chosen. In this dream sequence Stefan find the Rabbit and puts him under his bed. Then another choice is shown. He can go with his mom or still say no. Going with will give an ending, and return back to the dream.

Fourth Password Option: PAC. This option shows a ugly truth. Leading into a long cinematic where you pass main choice scenes you may have seen already. Eventually it will end up with Stefan holding a phone. Unlike previous choices, this one will ask for a number. If you remember it.
Dr. Haynes phone number is 25041.

Choice 12: Pour Tea Or Destroy Computer

This sounds like a lose/lose. But whatever you choose, Stefan will fight against it. Asking who is doing this.

Choice 13: Netflix, Symbol, or PAC

At this choice the game splits into the longest remaining endings. It can lead to the Meta Netflix Ending, the next choice loop, or the PAC ending.

To continue the story choose the strange symbol. It will lead to the dad attack, and eventually to many other endings. This is how to reach the longest ending and loop back to start as well.

Choosing Netflix will lead to one of the Netflix Meta ending. Stefan will meet with his doctor and reveal the truth. Here the ending will cut to a stage production scene by jumping out the window, or an action scene with doc and dad. This is all for your entertainment, btw.

Once unlocked by learning about PAC in the dream choices, there is an option where PAC is a choice. This has its own unique ending.

Choice 14: Kill Dad or Back Off

Kill Dad Choice. This sounds messed up but if you follow the dream scene to the PAC, it makes a bit more sense. However if that is true or not is unknown. This option will continue the movie. With more loops and different choices and endings, immediate leading to another gruesome choice.

Back Off Choice. This will lead straight to an ending/game over. It will loop back around and auto choose the kill option.

Choice 15: Chop or Bury

Chop Choice. This will lead to a more brutal ending. However the game will receive a 5 star review this way. Also this choice will show the extra ending with Pearl recreating the game, with the Netflix Meta.

Bury Choice. This will lead to another choice, which can end up having three different people coming to Stefan’s house. These two choices brings most the big loops and decisions to an end! Here the movie game is almost over.

Choice 16, Deadline: Yes or No

No matter what you are near the ending at this point. What the choice decides is who shows up at your house. It will either be Colin, Kitty, the head guy at Tuckersoft. (Tucker?)

Saying Yes. Saying yes will lead to Colin showing up. Here you will get one more to choice, and that is to let him live or not. Either choice leads to an ending.

Saying No. Saying no will cause either Kitty or Tucker to show up. If you did not visit Colin and see him jump, Tucker will appear. If you did see Colin jump, Kitty will appear asking about him. This will lead to another choice, once again, both leads to the ending. But, this choice is the one that can end the story, and loop Stefan back to the start.