Zach Wilson Memes (NFL Jokes)

Zach Wilson has been meme worthy all year with news of him braggin about sleeping with his mothers older friend, being benched and commented on with Jet’s quarterback Sam Darnold, and for his young looks. Topping the NFL memes charts lately, here are a few memes about Zach Wilson and his interesting NFL career. Not to mention his humorous life choices.

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Shoresy Memes

The show “Shoresy” is a hit streaming show based on hockey in Canada. It is a spin off of another hit show by the same creator, Letterkenny. It’s quite impressive how the creators of Letterkenny have taken a one dimensional comic relief character and turned him into a full on character with a great story and background. With the spirit of Letterkenny, Shoresy has a bunch of hilarious lines and funny quotes to go along with it. Here is some of our favorite memes about the show and character, Shoresy.

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George Carlin Quotes & Memes

George Carlin is known to many as one of the best comedians of a century, with his humor and philosophy spanning many generations. His brilliant yet unique outlook still inspires people to this day. He is truly a legend, and many of Carlin’s jokes and quotes will live for decades/centuries past his legacy. Here are only a few of many of the great quotes of George Carlin

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Downloaded the wrong Wednesday meme

I think I downloaded the wrong movie memes are always a good laugh. And with the new Wednesday show based off The Addams Family on Netflix has yet created some new wrong downloads. Rather its the wrong movie like a dirty movie, or a sexy image of cosplay of Wednesday Addams, who to say what is right or wrong. Here are some more memes based off Wednesday.

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She-Hulk Memes (MCU Show)

She-Hulk is now out on Disney+. And like any other MCU show or movie is comes with alot of Marvel references, easter eggs, and memes! She-Hulk. And She-Hulk has definitely taken advantage of it being in the MCU, with the first two episodes showing Bruce Banner/Hulk, and hinting at Wolverine on a newspaper, and the trailer showing Daredevil. But each episode has it’s own meme worthy content. Even if it is a Shrek joke, there’s many possible memes here.

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NFL Football Memes 2022-2023 Season

The new 2022 Football season is here and it’s already full of great memes and jokes of teams and players to go with it! One of the biggest ongoing memes already this season is NFL players grabbing helmets, or even using them as a weapon! Some of the top players like Aaron Donald and Myles Garrett even faced possibly fines and suspension for it. Even though Donald is one of the most valuable players. Sadly, this doesn’t near compare to some of the scandals starting off in the preseason. Such as the Deshaun Wilson suspension and the Matt Ariaza accusations. Some other players are getting alot of heat as well. But there’s still many fans and much humor to be shared in the sport!

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