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  • The Funniest Videos on The Web

    What use is the internet without funny videos? Well we have done our funny cat videos, lets be a little more general. Here is some of what we find to be the funniest web videos. NFL – Bad Lip Reading

  • Funny cat videos

    Oh yes. We did a collection of silly, funny, cute cats, kittens, and kitty cats. Of course we did. We are a joke website, what did you expect. Every major website has to have funny cat videos. It wouldm’t be complete without. Here are our favorites one the web. Funny Cat Videos – Suicidal /…

  • The Wolverine (2013 Movie Trailer and Review)

    The X-Men movie story line continues in the sequel of Wolvine Origins, The Wolverine. With mixed reviews from the last Wolverine movie, it is likely filmmakers were a bit cautious in the steps they took to make this movie. It honestly snuck up on me, since I was preparing still for Iron Man 3, and…