Funny cat videos

Oh yes. We did a collection of silly, funny, cute cats, kittens, and kitty cats. Of course we did. We are a joke website, what did you expect. Every major website has to have funny cat videos. It wouldm’t be complete without. Here are our favorites one the web.

Funny Cat Videos – Suicidal / Freak Out

Cat jumps into wall

cat jumps of balcony / freak out

Funny Cat Videos – Boxing / Play fighting

Cute kittens play boxing

Cats actually boxing (old video)

One of the cutest – kitten play fights with big cat

Funny Cat Videos – Cute Kittens / Funny cat sounds

One of the most famous cat videos, Surprise Kitty

Two cats talk to each other

Cute kat makes strange noises

Cat acts just like dog

Funny cat sounds like little child or just strange