Classic WoW Versus Vanilla Wow (What is Different?)

Classic WoW will launches August 27th, 2019 and will be based on World of Warcraft 1.12 originally released on August 22nd, 2006. It was the last major patch change in Vanilla WoW, Before Burning Crusade and other expansions.

Layering (The Big Debate Change)

Let’s start with the most controversial change so far in Classic WoW!
Layering is when players are in the same server as others, but still looks like a different world. This keeps from having too many players filling up areas. Layering helps to keep players from waiting on certain items or monsters, which happens when new content is added. Layering is said to put the player or group in a new layer as in a whole content, not just a shard of an area.

Blizzard spent much time deciding how to handle the expected overload of players, specially at launch. Many do not like the idea of layering, but it is considered an option to creating many servers. Realm Servers may die out. And sometime a realm happens to just be popular, with tens of thousands in it at a time. Blizzard announced that the plan on phasing out all extra layers, hoping to be back down to one by content phase two.

Content Release Plan (Phases)

Although by the time version 1.2 came out all raids and dungeons were available, along with catch up gear, they will be rolled out in phases after Classic WoW is released. There will be 6 phases total. This will help keep all dungeons relevant, by not letting certain dungeon gear be less powerful. That being said, many pvp rewards that overshadow lower tier raids and dungeons will also not be immediately available to later phases.

Easier User Interface

Shift clicking, quicker mail grab, many newer user interface performances that don’t affect game play itself will be updated.

Trail Accounts Cannot Talk/Whisper

Originally in classic wow free trial accounts could do everything a regular account can except level past 20. However malicious users, trolling players, and advertisers would use this to their advantage. This caused Blizzard to remove talking from free trail accounts. They have decided to keep this lack of a feature to secure harassment and such.

Loot Trading

Although loot trading was not in vanilla wow, it will be added. This will help keep from having to open GM tickets if you accidentally loot an item.

Almost Changed

Somethings were debated by Blizzard heavily, yet remained unchanged.

  • 16 limit Debuff
  • No instant mail (about an hour)
  • Original ultra rare mounts still not available.