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Hot! (Trending) Cosplay Ideas:

1. Deadpool. With Deadpool 2 released in theaters and being a hit, expect to see more Deadpool customs than usual around the comic cons. So check out our ladies of Deadpool cosplay here.

2. D.Va. (Overwatch/Heroes of the Storm) is a cool persona and costume. D.Va is a growing popular cosplay. Here’s our DVa cosplay page here.

3. Harley Quinn. A break through cosplay character, Harley Quinn has become a hit since the release of Suicide Squad. Her ties with the Joker and bubbly psycho personality makes her a fun cosplay theme. Check out our Harley Quinn cosplay page here.

♦ Also worth checking: Mary Jane (Spider-Man), Misty (Pokemon), Asuka (Evangelion)

Popular Cosplay Models (Girls):

These models have helped bring cosplay up in mainstream media, for better or worse. All the following models are considered some of the most popular cosplay models as of today.

Adrianne Curry (*Retired*)

Alexa Poletti


Captain Irachka

Christina Dark
Crystal Graziano
Danielle Beaulieu
Enji Night
Francesca Dani
Helen Stifler
Irina Meier
Jas Frost
Jessica Nigri
Joanie Brosas
Kat Gunn
Lindsay Elyse
Lyz Brickley
Marie-Claude Bourbonnais
Meg Turney
Riki LeCotey
Vera Baby
Victoria Hofferson

Cosplay Models (Guys):


Cosplay Themes & Characters:

DC Cosplay
D. Va Cosplay
Deadpool Cosplay (girls)
Dragon Ball Z Cosplay (girls)
Gamer Girls (gaming) Cosplay
Harley Quinn Cosplay
Marvel Cosplay
Mary Jane (Spider-Man)
Pokemon Cosplay
Star Wars Cosplay

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Cosplay Events & Conventions:

Connooga (Chattanooga, TN, USA)
Wizardworld (Portland, USA)
New York Comic Con (New York, NY, USA)
London Comic Con (London, EU)
Dragoncon (Atlanta, Georgia)
Blizzcon (Anaheim, California, USA)
Gamescon (Köln, Germany)
Comic-Con (San Diego, California, USA)

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