Themes & Characters: Bowsette Cosplay

Bowsette is not yet featured in Mario, or any Nintendo game for that matter. She is a fan made concept art and cosplay piece created by fans. Polygon suggests that the first known appearance showed up on Twitter. However, this character first appeared in Japan before making its way west. Bowsette quickly took net geek fandom by storm. (See the tweet below)

Bowsette exploded on the scene quickly. But will it hold up? Either, way fan artists and cosplayers (professional and novice) both have already created a lifetime of media to display the cool new character concept. Let’s take a look at both!

Bowsette Fan Art

Bowsette and Bowsette Jr Fan Art By PixiTales

Bowsette by username: SubaruSumeragi Source: Zerochan

Amazing Bowsette by Unknown

Amazing Bowsette Cosplay

Going back to the point. Now that you know the history and appearance of this wonderful character Bowsette, here are some of the fantastically creative and even hot cosplay of Bowsette found around the web. Click on image to view info.

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