Deftones – Ohms Album

Release date: September 25, 2020
Label: Reprise Records

Deftones – Ohms: Track Listing

Track 01 – Genesis
Track 02 – Ceremony
Track 03 – Urantia
Track 04 – Error
Track 05 – The Spell of Mathematics
Track 06 – Pompeji
Track 07 – This Link Is Dead
Track 08 – Radiant City
Track 09 – Headless
Track 10 – Ohms

Ohms Album Summary:

Deftones’ album Ohm plays heavily on the classic Deftones sound and mixing metaphorical lyric content, as to be expected from Deftones. The album takes elements from many previous albums, but is mostly reminiscent to Around The Fur and White Pony, while being a great follow up to Gore.

The lyrical content of Deftones’ album Ohms surprisingly goes heavy only biblical words such as “Jesus Christ”, “Hymns”, “Serpents”, and much more. With the opening track called Genesis, it seems to take many phrasing from the book of Genesis. Ohms does also play on a very yin and yang, and opposites concepts as well. It seems to blend chaos with peace, much like how Deftones sound mixes smooth alternative melodies with heavy hard riffs and beats.

Topics on the album also include love, loneliness, and searching for peace.