Gaming Company Blizzard accused of Backing China instead of Free Speech

Things have been going good lately for Blizzard with the release of Classic Wow. We have seen more advertisement and more subscriptions to their popular game World of Warcraft. But, I recent political episode has caused many to question the morality of the company.

During a worldwide broadcast of a tournament for another of their popular games, Hearthstone, one player spoke up and demonstrated is support of the protest in China. In reaction, Blizzard banned the player for one year, and did not award his price money of $10,000. (Blizzard has now backtracked, giving the award money and reducing the ban to 6 months.) However many gamers say it is too late for damage control, and believe Blizzard acted this way in support of China, not just for violating rules of conduct.

The accused outspoken player, Blitzchung, says he knew their may be consequences and was willing to face them. The two announcers who hosted the interview have also been let go.