Heroes of the Storm Hero Skins that look like other Pop Icons

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Ever want to play as Wolverine, The Joker, or even Boba Fett in your favorite MOBA, Heroes of the Storm? Well, you still can’t, but you can pretend with these look-alike Heroes of the Storm skins! These featured skins are very similar to other pop culture characters many know and love from comics, anime, movies, other games and so on.

D. Va (Fiery D. Va) as Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion
D VA… Eva… The both like big robots. Okay I guess the connections are obvious for this one.

Junkrat (Clowning Junkrat) as The Joker
Blizzard showing some DC love. Personalities sre fit. Now if we could just get a Batman skin.

Kharazim (Berserker Kharazim) as Wolverine
My love for you is making… BERSERKER!!

Kharazim (Old Berserker Kharazim) as Old Man Logan
I’m the best at what I do. What do I do again?

Leroic (Hunter Space Lord) as Boba Fett
No way this is the only Star Wars skin in Heroes of the Storm.

Li-Ming (Star Princess) as Rainbow Brite
This one might be a stretch but, c’mon now.

Lt. Morales (Hunter) as Samus from Metroid
This is a great retro gaming skins.

Sonya (Super Sonya) as Shatterstar from X-Force
The two swords are a dead giveaway. Someone at Blizzard likes their comic skins.

Sonya (Techno Super Sonya) as Cable from X-Force, Deadpool, & X-Men
An alterative X-Force skin. Metal arms