Marvel’s Secret Wars 2015: Discussion and Theory

So Marvel is getting deeper into the plot and setting of the new cross universe (or more correctly universes) story line Secret Wars. Which, is probably not going to remain very secret since it is slowly destroying every world and all of Marvel existence will be forever changed! But, as of now, we are 2 months away from the beginning of the end, and the new beginning, or something like that.

A bit of back story, Marvel is trying to create a new single universe by merging all existing version of comic book characters and universes into one. They will be picking fan and creator favorites, and merging them into one world. But this will all be done as one big dramatic comic event. By the end of it, all of the heroes will live on one “Earth”, or Battleworld. This will be unlike any world we have seen before. It is looking like a big Marvel comic book fantasy world.

Marvel’s Image of What BattleWorld Will end Up Like

Marvel Battleworld Secret Wars 2015
Battleworld After The Secret Wars Event

Secret Wars is said to effect all of Marvel Comics but currently is only mentioned in certain comic titles. However, during a live discussion video (see video below) it is mentioned that current events will lead into or at least effect the Secret Wars.
Will Franklin Richards be strongly involved with end of the universe, such as mentioned in his story line?

All of this leads up into the creation on the one world, Battleworld. Join in reading and discussion as we watch one of the biggest Marvel events unfold in 2015!

So why would Marvel do this?
Well, like many companies, they are trying to sell product. Not only does Secret Wars give a big story idea, but also gives a chance for the whole Marvel company to restructure and reorganize their whole inventory. Although many titles have been ongoing, there has been many restarts, major changes in stories and characters, and at times too many titles. Plus, since 2000, much has changed for Marvel. They have created a huge market on the big screen, been sold to Disney, and changed many writers and workers. So the modern age is over and the simplified digital age begins.

How do the movies affect the comic?
Not having the movie rights to some of Marvels past big heroes has began to really complicate some things for the MCU. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they cannot say the name Mutant since Fox has the rights to X-Men and related ideas. So describing some characters are said to be called “miracles”. However I am thinking the Celestials and Inhumans will likely be more of the cause for mutants… or inhumans, miracles, whatever they end up calling them. Also recent rumors surfaced Marvel was cancelling Fantastic Four comics to not support Fox movies. Although this is believe untrue, it seems Marvel may be taking this a step further.

Many titles may not be restarted, at least not right away. But it is looking like Marvel may not publish some big names like the Fantastic Four and X-Men. This may be done not so much to effect Fox, but to support the movies and hopefully receive some comic sells from them.

Some Universes are ending, some are getting recreated! Check back for more on Secret Wars!