New Game Review: Vacation Tycoon

From the makers of AdVenture Capitalist and AdVenture Communists, Hyper Hippo has released another great clicker game called Vacation Tycoon. This game features many similarities from its predecessors, such as using manager type characters and building funds. The game starts quick. yet after two days of playing, it already comes across as a keeper. Vacation Tycoon is addictive and fun.

Gameplay is smooth and works well as a clicker and kind of an idle game. The goal of the game is to advance to the next season, while upgrading your managers. Also it is important to collect gems and tokens. The game doesn’t get more difficult until about season 5. Here one of the challenges is to max all businesses. it is only difficult because the last business requires 100 billion to unlock. To collect more tokens simply level up your business and complete goals. Gems are harder to come by, but can be gained when each business is maxed out in level. You may want to max businesses on each season to get as many gems as possible!

Tip! Max out boat capacity as soon as you can for more people and revenue.

Tip! Be sure to keep the 2x money boost from ads. It only takes a minute and lasts for 4 hours!

Tip! Keep the conga line on cool down. It is a ridiculous source of cash. You can even get more from doing the conga tap than watching ads. Good move Hippo.

At final review we have to admit this is a good game from a successful company. It is a great time killer and is fun to check on time to time. The game play itself is very rewarding, and its enjoyable actually collecting money, gems, and tokens. Before you know it your screen will be full of things to click on and upgrade. However it lacks a bit in originality and doesn’t offer too much more than other click and collect games. Although smoother than most other click games in play. But, being as new as it is, it could grab alot of new people as a chance to be ahead of the pack instead of trying to catch up in other AdVenture/Tycoon games. That is, if you’re that competitive.

Game Score: 7/10
Moderately recommended