She-Hulk Memes (MCU Show)

She-Hulk is now out on Disney+. And like any other MCU show or movie is comes with alot of Marvel references, easter eggs, and memes! She-Hulk. And She-Hulk has definitely taken advantage of it being in the MCU, with the first two episodes showing Bruce Banner/Hulk, and hinting at Wolverine on a newspaper, and the trailer showing Daredevil. But each episode has it’s own meme worthy content. Even if it is a Shrek joke, there’s many possible memes here.

Episode one shows a hilarious end credit scene discussing Captain America and if he’s a virgin. This is also a subtle hint to the fact there is a fan theory that he may actually be Starlord’s grandfather! The woman who plays Starlord’s mom in Guardians of the Galaxy is the same woman that flirts with Cap in Captain America: The First Avenger.

In the second episode The Hulk makes a meta inside joke about being a different person when he fights Abomination. This is a reference to the first MCU Hulk appearance and movie, The Incredible Hulk. In that movie he literally was someone else, Edward Norton, and is now played by Mark Ruffalo.

When She-Hulk is looking for more work, you see a front page article about a man with metal claws fighting in a bar. Obviously, this is two things Wolverine is heavely connected to, bar fights and metal claws.